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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Internships, Dissertations, and Toomer's

What a week the Haney's have had! It started with submitting internship applications, Lance got some unexpected data that made an amazing element to his dissertation, then came the uproar over the Toomer's oaks, and we both concluded with week with Saturday runs in this BEAUTIFUL weather! 

Yes, my internships are completed and submitted and I am oh so happy. Now, everything is out of my control, in God's hands, and hopefully the internship committee is in tune with God's will ;) Our prayer now is that when the matches are revealed, we will have some insight on a job for Lance so we will know whether to reapply to a program with open spaces if not accepted, or accept/deny depending on where we will be in the fall.

Great news for Lance this week! He got some lab data back with results he didn't expect to gain, however these results were a huge plus for his dissertation! With this new data, he has a lot more to put into his dissertation and "earn" his PhD! Thank the Lord, Lance needed this huge break. He has worked so hard, and now he is just winding down with school. The job search continues....

Our week of celebration has been saddened with the news of the Toomer's catastrophe. Are we sad? Devastated. Initially, I was angry just to know that someone so idiotic is in this world, but I knew eventually we would lose the oaks. Then, as I began to process the news, I wanted to cry. If you aren't part of the Auburn family, you don't understand and it's not worth trying. However, on that note, I am VERY impressed with the outpouring support from UA-the educated bammers (unlike "Al")who have banded together and raised funds plus just sent support to Auburn over the incident. As I began to realize what this meant, all the memories that have taken place around that big tree for so many, I was very sad. We are a 3 generation (and branching) family- my grandad, dad, and myself as well as husband and potentially brother are Auburn alums and future alums. I rolled the same Toomer's tree that my granddad and dad celebrated around, and I assumed my children would do the same. What will Toomer's be without the beautiful trees? I don't want to know, but in case we do have to deal with an empty corner, the memories of Toomer's will always live on in our family as well as the Auburn family at large. I've been looking at Toomer's prints to purchase so we can explain the tradition to our family one day. Harvey/Al/whatever he likes to be called, can never take away the Auburn spirit or defeat the Auburn family. When things like this happen, you only make us stronger. You need help, man. War Eagle :) Check out this video, perfect.

Lance and I both ended this week with a nice run. We didn't run together, Lance was running very far, and I wasn't. He met a friend and ran trails, and I despise trails. I took off this morning expecting a 6-7 miler, I just wanted to run through this beautiful town and take a route down College St. to see our precious oaks :) It was such a beautiful day, once I began I knew I had to take advantage of this weather. I ended up with 9.5 and felt wonderful. That is always an encouragement to end a run feeling so well. Lance got in around 18. After running, I finished the morning workout with pump and teaching RPM, then Lance and I got the leaves raked, house cleaned, and pups bathed. Successful Saturday, if I do say so myself! Now to enjoy the next two days, state holiday Monday :) YES!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


When did our life get so boring? I remember right before I started the blog, everyday I would think, "That would be a great blog" now I find myself trying to turn nothing into an interesting read :) Not to complain, but the Haney's are just not having an adventurous life. Lance is still applying for jobs, I am still waiting on UT (this has turned into my everyday story), and we still need a lot of prayer. 
At the beginning of each week, Lance will tell me that he is done applying for jobs (post-docs, professor positions, corporate jobs, etc.) and is just going to wait to hear about interviews, then a few days later, I'll get a text that he has applied to 2 more positions. I am very thankful he is so eager and trying so hard, but I think it has just about drained us! Come on people, I have a genius husband and he would love to work for you :)
I, on the other hand, applied to 1 university to complete my Master's and dietetic internship (University of Tennessee), and we just have our fingers crossed there.  After graduation last May, I applied for a job and decided I would finish up education, God willing, at a later time.  I've decided, if God's willing, to do that next year. For this to happen, I would have to be accepted to the UT internship (I've been accepted to graduate school), and Lance would have to be offered this wonderful, perfect, super position outside of Knoxville. And with all the luck I have had with UT so far, my hopes aren't high. Either God is trying to 1) keep my mind off of the wait by allowing UT to throw some crazy new kink in my application every week since I applied 2) make me not care if we go to Tennessee b/c I am so fed up with the university 3) make me REALLY appreciate a job in TN or 4) make me thankful for a job anywhere! On a serious note, Lance and I really do love the opportunities that are available in TN for both of us, in the mean time we are just waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting even longer to hear something :)
Lance has applied to at least 40 of the 50 (51,52, however many there are now!) states, so in reality, we could be anywhere. We are being optimistic, this will be a new adventure for the both of us and we are excited to begin with each other. There are sad parts, though, Auburn has become home - I have been here for SIX years now! I love Auburn, I love my job here, and I love my friends here. Auburn is where Lance and I met, and where both of our pups were brought home to, it does and always will hold a very special place in our heart :)  Wherever we end up, we are gearing up to carry our Auburn pride with us wherever we go, including an inflatable Aubie and a orange and blue 2010 National Champions door hanger!
I try to keep my mind occupied, and for Lance it is great for him to have his dissertation to be completing and papers that are being submitted to keep his mind off of the llllllooooonnnnngggg wait period. I, however, am about to explode. I am trying really hard to be patient, but I just really want to know that this time next year, we won't be bunking with my little brother and his friends in the same trailer in the same trailer park I've been in for 6 years now because that would definitely complete my insanity. The positive note, though, would be I wouldn't have to leave my job/friends/gym/sweet town of Auburn- which under those situations, life here doesn't seeem so sweet anymore :)
Bottom line- Lance and I need a lot of prayer for guidance, PATIENCE, and knowledge. I pray everyday that God will prepare our hearts for wherever he is leading us to be, and when the offer is presented, Lance and I will both know that is where we need to be.  Until then, patience is most certainly a virtue I do not embody, and I am working really hard on it.  Really, though, I am very thankful for the soon-to-be Dr.Lance and for all of his achievements, there could be a lot greater problems than being overqualified :)