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Sunday, October 30, 2011

37 1/2 Weeks :)

Since we are growing so impatient for our sweet little girl to arrive, I am hoping we won't make it another FULL week...hence, 1/2 week updates :) 
I am officially over the "I'm terrified of labor" phase and have moved on to the "I don't care how awful/grueling/painful it is, I want to hold my sweet baby" phase! No, I'm not desperate enough to hope for induction- that is NOT part of our birth plan unless we are MANY days overdue, but I just really want this little girl on this side of my belly. I have been really uncomfortable today, I am hoping that is a sign little Emersyn is getting ready to meet us :) Lance and I have been begging her all weekend to come out of mommy's belly :) Even her puppy brothers are getting impatient! I have been trying to exhaust my energies with craft projects and baking. I have wreaths for every occasion and finally got window treatments up in our dining area. It caught up a little this weekend- I took 2 naps yesterday after sleeping 12 hours Friday night! Yep, I'm rested, let's start labor :) Here is my favorite project- the window treatments and centerpiece. I'm pretty proud of both. There was no inspiration for the centerpiece, it came from my head :) The window treatments, pinterest of course! 
Dining area
This is a close-up of the material. It came together perfect with the table arrangement

Since we found out on June 6, 2011, that our family was going to be blessed with a little girl, I have been on top of the world. I had so much to do to get ready for her little arrival and it has kept me pretty busy. Now, everything is ready and we are just waiting, the absolute hardest part. It will be completely worth it when she is finally here, it just seems like everyday is taking forever. Emersyn, one day when you can read this I hope you know how excited mommy and daddy are to meet you! You are a little dream come true for your mommy and the best surprise of your daddy's life, we can't wait to look at your sweet face in person and not on an ultrasound machine. We can't wait to watch your sweet little arms and legs move freely and wonder how you moved in mommy's belly. We can't wait to count your sweet fingers and toes and give you too many kisses. And, of course, we can't wait to tell you how much we love you over and over and over again! We are all ready for you, little girl! Join us when you are ready!
Here is what mommy and daddy have done this weekend:
The car is packed and ready! Look at that sweet, tiny Feltman Brothers dress :) The matching hair bow is in her bag :)
Ready for a little girl
The hospital bags ready and waiting...come on Emy!
Lance and I thought this would be fun to post... our first belly pic (please! there was no belly!) and tonight's belly shot...kind of amazing.
This was at 11 weeks, I thought I was ENORMOUS
And 37 1/2 weeks! Now, that is ENORMOUS :) But completely worth it!

Maybe we won't make it to 38, but if we do, we will update again then :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

37 weeks aka FULL TERM!

Alright, 37 weeks- from what I know if a baby is born after the 37 week mark they are no longer considered a premature birth and are marked as  full term... Emersyn, I wish you knew that :) COME MEET MOMMY AND DADDY! I have never been the one to have a ton of patience, waiting on a baby only makes it worse. I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, everything looked great, Emy has dropped more, still dilated only 1 lousy centimeter. The best thing was hearing the doctor say "If you were to go into labor now, we would not do anything to stop it- she is ready!" I am giving her 1 week exactly. Next Thursday, November 3rd, we will be 38 weeks. If little girl has not progressed at our next doctor's appointment, I am grabbing some Depends and my running shoes and running until this baby comes :) 
After our hospital visit this week, we took a tour of the birthing suites- very, very nice. This hospital is focused on mom-baby centered care. They have nurseries if you want to use them, but otherwise the baby stays in the mom's room which is where Emersyn will be every second. I don't care about needing sleep or any other excuses, I am prepared to not sleep for the next 18 years and once Emersyn gets here I don't want her in anyone's care but my own. I am thankful for nursery nurses and their expertise, I am terrified if my sweet girl is not in my site, someone may give her a bottle or paci and that makes me want to cry just thinking about it. 
We also met with a pediatrician on Monday, she was wonderful. I am OCD about my child if you haven't gathered it already, I'm kind of a hippie, and I'm ok with that. I don't like medicine, I will breastfeed Emersyn only, and this doctor agreed and thought that was wonderful :) We meshed very well. Plus, she is an Auburn grad ;) I feel like we are finally knocking all the essentials out to getting this little girl here!
I have mine and Emersyn's hospital bags packed (I think Lance may leave out clothes from his to make room for snacks) and am just waiting...waiting.... and waiting on any sign this little girl is about to make her entrance. I get really excited when I start thinking she can come at any time now, then I get really terrified. I have never had a baby, I don't know what to expect, and you only hear horror stories about birth. I still can't tell you what a contraction is because I have no idea when I have them! I know I will stick to my birth plan as long as some awful emergency doesn't arise (which we are praying does NOT happen) because I am extremely hard headed. I keep reminding myself of all the things I have done that were not easy or comfortable (like running marathons with cracked hips :) ), I know I did none of these on my own. I know bringing this sweet little gift into the world will be no different. I pray everyday for strength and courage. I have also been blessed with a ridiculous pain tolerance and am hoping to use it to my advantage during birth. I have plenty of reasons to remind myself why I do NOT want any drugs or medications during birth. You may think I am crazy, but this is what I want to do and have been committed since before I knew I was pregnant. 
Fun news of the week is that Emersyn's room is FINISHED!! 1 week ago, bags and boxes still covered her floor, now it is ready for a little girl. I have even finished all of the little details and projects I deemed necessary while her daddy thought I was crazy (he loves it now!!).  Here are all her sweet nursery pictures, I love this little room and can sit in it all day long :) 
Walking in to Emersyn's sweet room
We FINALLY filled the glider hole, still waiting on the ottoman... But I love this sweet room. I can sit in it all day!

Daddy hung her mirror, mom and I finally found storage baskets to match the liners. LOVE her sweet toy box. We are still waiting to get her window treatments...surprise- they are pink :)
Love this little chair!
YAY! Our final craft project :) My sweet mom helped me conquer this task. I love it!

 We love this sweet little space! Every morning before Lance leaves for work, he says "You have all my contact numbers if Emersyn decides to come today!" Then, every evening when he gets home, he talks to her and begs her to come the next day :)We can't wait! Any day now, little girl, we are ready when you are!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mommy being crafty

It has been a VERY busy week getting ready for little Emersyn. Since our doctor's appointment earlier this week, I have been extremely uncomfortable. I decided it was crunch time to get ready for our sweet girl. I have been busy crafting around the clock because I can't bring her home to an unfinished room or no hairbows for that sweet little head :) I've been making hair bows, headbands, letters, hair bow holders, and we have a lamp shade in progress. I also can't stand an unfinished and unpacked house, so I have also been sorting through boxes and trying to get the new home decorated. It has been busy, but so much fun ;) 
Here are some pictures of all the fun crafts I have been working on. (I'm begging daddy to buy me and Emersyn a really good camera, so for now excuse the poor quality :) )

I have been planning this and trying to decide how I wanted to make these letters forever, then the indecisiveness began and I could not decide on anything. Finally, I just bought supplies and did it and love them :) 

Hair bows :)   
Hair bow holder
Gran and I teamed up on this one :) She made Emersyn's Thanksgiving outfit and I made the bow to match
This was an outfit from Gran that we just love, so I made a matching bow :)

Alright, Emy-girl, mommy finally feels almost ready for your little arrival :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NINE months :)

Finally, finally, finally :) We are in the home stretch with baby girl and what an exciting week it has been! I have mastered my new profession as a housewife and stay at home mom- I'm a crock pot queen, craft connoisseur, and have perfected the ability to do about 1,000 things at one time :) I'm even getting this blog written a day EARLY! Go me :) I have never been so busy or tired and this little girl isn't even here yet, but I absolutely LOVE it! This is so much fun.
We had a doctor's appointment this past Tuesday that began weekly appointments and progress checks. I was shocked to find out we are 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I was thrilled! My doctor asked if I had been having contractions, I told her I didn't think so which had me worried because I knew I should have felt some at this point. Well, best news of the day was apparently I had been having a good many contractions and I had no idea- hooray for a ridiculously high pain tolerance! I still have NO idea what these contractions are supposed to feel like, I'm SURE I will know soon enough :) Come on, baby girl, do your thing and come meet mommy and daddy (not too soon of course, but in a couple of weeks, you could get a good start!)
In other mommy, daddy, and baby news- we had maternity pictures made this week. We are very excited to see how they turned out. We have a fantastic photographer to take Emersyn through her first year of pictures :) After pitching enough fits, we finally have our glider (still no ottoman) but I still highly recommend to NEVER shop at Babies R Us!!! It is beautiful, though, and just what I wanted. Emersyn's projects for her room are coming right along and I am so excited about sitting in her room and making hair bows :) Ah, the simple things. 
Well, happy NINE months to our sweet baby girl. We can not wait to meet you and kiss your sweet face. We pray for you and your heart daily, you are our sweet angel!

Monday, October 17, 2011

35 weeks

We only have a couple of days left in our eighth month :) Tomorrow we start weekly appointments and progress checks on this little girl- SO exciting!
This has been a very busy week (which has been our new norm and we don't expect anything less anytime soon!) I am FINALLY settled in our new home :) Well, I don't know if I am settled yet, there are too many boxes for me to call myself settled but I'm here living permanently! It is so nice. I've been trying to make this a "home" with special touches and projects in every room, and always doing something to get ready for sweet Emersyn. The puppies love their new home and their extra large backyard that they can run and play in all day long! 
Now that I am in Dothan and no longer live in Auburn, it has made me think a lot about all the precious years I spent there. I moved to Auburn in August of 2005, I have been there over 6 years (and back then if you would have asked, I was going to be out in less than 4)! I moved to Auburn a BABY, I left a mommy. I learned so much while I was there, I discovered who I was, I became independent, I learned balance, and selflessness. I did really dumb things and made horrible decisions, but I learned through them all. I have so many memories that I can sit around and chuckle at all day- my poor parents lost many nights of sleep I'm sure. I had flat tires, accidents, I pulled my bumper off in the middle of a parking lot. I would get up and run all alone at 4 am (dumb, I know), then I learned the value of a taser :) Somehow I managed to come out with a degree, a husband, 2 sweet puppies, and a precious girl on the way- I did something right :) Auburn is more than a football weekend or a school I attended, it is a hometown. I love that place and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Maybe, just maybe we will get to be back one day! 
I have been VERY uncomfortable the past few days. Sleep no longer exists, and I am learning to function very well without it. Even when I can dose off, these sweet little punches in my belly wake me up :) My back kills ( I can't wait for some chiropractor visits in my post-partum life!) and I waddle because everything is so off balance. My feet hurt at the end of the day and I am VERY emotional and hostile. I cried last night when Lance asked me about laundry and I almost picked a fight with the cashier at Hobby Lobby Just be nice if you are around me :) I can still breathe very easily, my ankles are the same size they have always been and this sweet angel in my belly is super healthy, so the waddling, emotions, and exhaustion are welcome. 
We enjoyed what could be our last football game with Emersyn in my belly this past weekend. It was so much fun. We are already prepared for next year's tailgating season :) Emersyn has an orange and blue pack n play and her Peeps has began discussing adding on to the tailgate! We can't wait to add her to our weekend traditions. Lance and I walked to J and M bookstore in downtown Auburn this past Saturday while I was having some rough back cramps to get him another shirt, we left with 2 new goodies for Emersyn...and nothing for Lance. She is such a daddy's girl, Lance finally looked at me and said "We have to get out of here, I can't stop when it comes to Emersyn". Rotten rotten rotten! She is so loved, I can't wait to see her sweet face! Here is my 35 week belly, it's growing rapidly and so is the little girl living there :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What week is this again?

Ahh.. yes, 34 :) Yeah, it's been one of those weeks/months so far! I am FINALLY in the final countdown to living in Dothan with my sweet husband. 3 days of work and a football weekend stand between us and what we will call a normal family life again! I. AM. SO. READY! Then, we can wait on our sweet angel to arrive :)
This past weekend I was in Dothan, and it was adventurous, for lack of better terms. The puppies and I arrived around lunchtime on Saturday after I taught one more Attack class :) Lance and I had lunch and went to look for furniture. It's hard to get things done when you don't know much about a new place... We looked at one place and found a sectional (we were looking for living room furniture since it has been BARE!) we liked, but when we went back home to measure again, we couldn't imagine how it would fit and look right. I had seen another furniture store, so we headed out again- turns out this was kind of a ghetto place and thankfully was closed :) Whoops! We kept looking and I remembered another shop I had seen on my way in earlier that day. Of course, Lance was not really looking forward to another one of my suggestions, we tried and were very glad we did! We found a beautiful living room set- furniture, YAY! Since we did so well on furniture, Lance pampered himself with a new, huge tv :)We had dinner and watched a sad Auburn game :( War Eagle even on the bad days!
Sunday morning we got Lance's groceries for the week and made it our goal to be lazy and do nothing all day. We had been waiting to hear on Emersyn's glider that should have been delivered last week. We ordered it from Babies R Us and were told it would be in in 7-14 days (Sunday was day 14). We called the store and they apparently had their information mixed up when they sold it to us- it was going to take 10-12 weeks to get it in! HELLO- we will have a baby way before then! Needless to say, we will NEVER buy another thing from Babies R Us and have filled complaints. I felt sick. We have a back up as soon as that purchase is refunded! DRAMA...but lesson learned :) 
Monday morning was busy busy busy! I had the internet man at the house at 8, I had a doctor's appointment at 9:15 and the furniture was being delivered around 11. Somehow, I managed to get all of that accomplished and at one point had a house full of delivery/fix-it men! Me and the pups were heading back to Auburn as soon as everything was done. We had left Dothan and were about 20 minutes from the house when a lovely 18 wheeler side-swiped us banging up the Pilot. It was awful and so scary. He didn't stop. I pulled in the first parking lot I could see to call Lance. It was awful, both passenger side doors will be replaced, and the alignment was knocked way out of line. The police and insurance were wonderful, and my sweet husband rescued us and saved the day. At the end of it all, I was just thankful sweet Emersyn, myself, and the precious puppies are all fine- the car can be fixed. We worked out a rental car, but the pups and I got to stay with daddy an extra day, even with the circumstances we were thankful for the extra time together. 
Today, the pups and I had to come back to Auburn. It was awful, I was a wreck the entire drive, plus it rained on us the entire way! Thankfully, we made it back and are here for a few short days then those trips will be obsolete! I had a nice relaxing day to unwind with two sweet puppies and one active little girl. 
As far as little Emersyn goes, she is healthy and moving all over the place. She measured perfectly at her appointment, and we start weekly appointments now! Wow! I had my first share of contractions Sunday and today, those aren't too comfy :) I haven't been feeling too great, I'm hitting that large and miserable stage but it is so worth it! All the uncomfortableness just means one thing- we are getting closer to having a little girl in our arms! Mommy and daddy are so ready, sweet Emersyn, come on when you get ready!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

33 Weeks

Yes, less than 24 hours left in our 33rd week and I am just getting around to piecing together a blog :) It's been a little busy... However, this has been a very accomplished week! I FINALLY decided on a newborn-1 year photographer for sweet Emersyn (and mommy's big belly pictures...) which was a HUGE relief, scheduled a couple of classes at the hospital, and got the last few things together to finish baby girl's room. I have a week and a half left in Auburn, Lance has been in Dothan the past week and a half- it's been crazy and we are so ready to have everyone under the same roof again!
We have a doctor's appointment on Monday to check on sweet Emersyn which I am very excited for :) I love hearing that sweet heartbeat and getting updates on her progress.
Nothing too new to update on mommy, my belly gets bigger each day (still no belly button popping...whew!) I have been staying hungry recently, I contemplated eating a second breakfast this morning! Still exercising everyday, and just waiting on one sweet little girl's arrival :)
Hopefully we will have a little more to say next week :)