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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week 19

Baby girl is growing and mommy is slightly uncomfortable at times, but we manage! A few more days and we will be halfway until we meet sweet Emersyn :) I think my belly grows everyday, I have no idea how, but it does- I have had nightmares about delivering a little monster topping 10 and 11 lbs already! I want Emy to be healthy, and I don't think that is too healthy, so let's shoot a little lower. Each workout is just a little bit harder, but we are still working hard. I'm not running anymore, too many things hurt when I try,but BodyAttack, Pump, RPM, elliptical, and weights are all still just fine :) 
I got my first pregnancy book and have been reading like such a nerd, I can't put it down. It's a book for natural hospital births- which is definitely our goal! Since day one, this has been what we have both wanted for baby's delivery. Lance and I really wanted to register and attend Bradley classes, but we aren't positive we are going to be somewhere in time to complete the course, so I just decided to take the matter into my own hands and get to reading :) I'm pretty tough, and I hate drugs... absolutely HATE them and don't want them at all. I understand complications can arise, and that's where I needed more education on the options that are available. In the end, we are going to do whatever it takes to get Emersyn here healthy, but if it is an easy delivery I don't want a stinky recovery :)
The uncomfortableness has begun and I'm pretty sure it's here to stay! It's hard to get comfortable to sleep, I have an achy back many days, and I can feel the muscles in my stomach stretching, but I wouldn't change it for the world- if anything is worth it, Emy girl is :) Lance and I have started really imagining what life will be like when she is finally here with us. We can't really imagine it because it seems like a fairytale. We still read to her quite often, but we can't wait for her to bring us a book and say "Mommy, read :)". We can't wait to rock her and hold her and just love on her. I can't wait to see that sweet smile for the first time. We talk about being parents all the time, how we are going to handle different situations and we just pray for guidance. One thing is for sure, this sweet girl will be loved so much by so many :) Lance is still waiting to feel her move, we are hoping it's soon because he's about to bust!!! Oh, sweet girl, we just love you so much!!!
Emersyn is getting so big! This was on our way to the store for an ice cream and milk run- guess what the craving was?

Maximus wanted his belly pic, too! He LOVES his baby sister already! I think he tells her stories at night while he is sleeping next to her :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sweet Daddys

Today I celebrated the Dad's in my life. I grew up with a perfect daddy. He loved me unconditionally, he challenged me, he brought out the best in me, he could lift my spirits when no one else could, he was a wonderful dad from day one. I can't explain the relationship I have with my dad, it's very special but not something you can easily put into words. I have always been his little girl, and maybe that explains our relationship. My whole life I always tried my hardest to make him proud- and many times I failed miserably, but he still loved me and was proud of me for the circumstances I had come through. Still to this day, getting a short phone call from him can turn my day around. I can not imagine what a wonderful grandfather he is going to be to Miss Emersyn. She already has her Peeps around her little finger. I think so far in my life, giving him a granddaughter is on the top of my list of his most proudest moments- I can't wait to see his face when he meets her for the first time. 
He did have the BEST example, though, in his dad. My granddad set the bar for grandfathers, he was amazing. He passed away when I was in the second grade and I still miss him every single day. I see so much of him in my dad and I have always dreamed of the day when my dad would be a grandfather and bless a sweet child with his love, Emersyn is one blessed baby girl. I keep a picture of me and Granddad in my room, and have most of my life, I know Emersyn will want one of herself and her Peeps in her room always (even though her Peeps will be just a phone call away). When I was little, if I wanted anything in the world, all I had to do was ask Granddad and it was done. If I got in trouble at home, I would get sassy and ask if I needed to talk to Granddad about my parents behavior (getting on to me, how dare they?) I vividly remember telling Granddad once about Daddy getting on to me, and we both came to the conclusion Dad should receive a spanking and be put in time out :) I say this because, I had my Granddad for about 8 years, he had a lot of health problems that my dad has worked very hard to stay away from. Emersyn will hopefully have her Peeps around far into her adult life- Lance and I stand no chance! My child will never know discipline or the word "NO", I am afraid, but that's ok as long as she gets many, many memories with her precious Peeps :)
Also, today was Lance's first Father's Day. We celebrated Mother's Day in May, and Lance made it perfect, so I made it a mission to have a Lance weekend. I made his favorite meals and tried my best to serve him, I wanted the weekend to be all about him- because once baby girl gets here, these weekends will be history! I think it was a success :) I've cooked a lot and took the dogs out many times, but it was completely worth it.
I can't wait to see Lance's reaction the first time he sees Emy- just seeing her on the ultrasounds makes him emotional. We definitely have another daddy's girl in the making! 
I always wondered what kind of dad Lance would be. We have never really been around babies or young children, and whenever we kept nursery at church, Lance always seemed freaked out! When we found out we were expecting, Lance was thrilled- he has talked about babies since we first met. We both want a big family, but finding out we were really having a sweet baby made things seem so real. I knew we were having a girl from the beginning, instinct I guess :) Lance didn't know how we could really have a girl- there are only boys in his family. He called the baby "he" the first 16 weeks.  At Emy's ultrasound, he was so nervous. He held my hand and was jittery until the tech told us what the baby was. When she said "FEMALE", Lance lost it, his emotions took over and he just cried. That was all it took- Emy was his baby girl in that moment. He went immediately into "Daddy mode". His entire world became Emersyn. He talks to her every second that I am home, he reads to her, and tells her how much he loves her. I am sure, he will be the greatest dad for little Emy, and in 24 years she will be talking about her daddy just like I talk about mine. 
Emy and I love you so much, Lance (as do Maximus and BoJackson!) !!!!
We got an 18 week picture of Emy in my growing belly this morning, excuse the tired eyes, like I said in the last blog- I can't get over this exhaustion....

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week 18

2 more weeks and we will be halfway to meeting sweet Emersyn! Baby girl has been moving a good bit and making mommy very tired! The past two weeks, I've been more exhausted than I ever was in the first trimester, hopefully this will pass soon so I can function again! Miss Emersyn is nearing the big 1 pound mark and should be there in the next couple of weeks :) 
Lance and I think about our sweet baby girl everyday and talk about how wonderful life will be when she is finally here. We have everything picked out for her arrival- her furniture, her bedding, everything her room will be decorated with, and her first outfits :) I am a huge planner and right now, I have no control over our present (which I am thankful for!), I can't plan anything, so I have started planning Emy's first year- I have birthday plans for the big 1 year party an outfit for every holiday in my mind, and I already am planning how we will decorate for Emy's first Christmas. Glad I have this out of the way, so when we know where we are moving, I won't have much to plan for Miss Emy :) 
We have started reading to our sweet girl. Emy's first book has been "God Made Puppies". We love reading this book to her, and Maximus and BoJackson love it just as much. All throughout the book, we relate the story to her big brothers and what a mess they are, to prepare Emy for when she gets here. She loves story time and will usually start moving around for us when we read.  Sweet, sweet girl, I am sure there will be many books and many story times in our future!
We pray everyday for guidance and strength, so we can hopefully try to be the wonderful parents Emersyn deserves. We are so ready to meet our sweet baby girl, but we definitely want her to cook a while longer!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Emersyn Ruth, our baby girl

If you can't tell Lance, myself, Gran, Peeps, and even Maximus and BoJackson are beaming- then, take my word for it! I don't think any of us have let a smile slip from our faces since we saw our sweet girl for the first time yesterday! We had been counting down and looking forward to this appointment for so long. I was afraid the baby wasn't going to move, and we would leave the doctor with the same unknown gender we arrived with. 
Yesterday morning, I was ready for a good appointment. I woke baby up early and went to the gym. For breakfast I had tea, and before we left for the doctor I had a snack that consisted of a chocolate muffin and Diet Mountain Dew! This baby was going to be flipping, I was going to make certain. Just in case sweet baby wasn't awake already, on the way to the hospital Lance decided to play his old band's cd (in case you somehow missed this, Lance was once upon a time a rockstar- yes, a REAL rockstar!)- oh, she was definitely awake after that :) 
When we got to the doctor, we were in the ultrasound room in no time. The tech was getting all of her information and images before we could see baby, and this seemed like an eternity! Mom dad, Lance, and I all sat in silence staring at her waiting to know if Baby H was a boy or a girl! FINALLY after hours it seemed, she started going over the pictures of Baby H and letting us see our sweet baby move around, then she told us....this baby is a FEMALE! Lance cried, I screamed, mom and dad squealed- we could NOT believe it, a little GIRL!! We knew we had a little Emersyn :) The tech continued to go over everything with us, Baby Emy is perfect- her brain is perfectly developing, her bones are perfect, her sweet face is perfect, her sweet little heart is perfect, all of her organs are right where they should be, and our sweet girl has all 10 fingers and toes :) She made sure right at the end of the ultrasound to wave at us! Our sweet, sweet girl! Here are a few of her ultrasound pictures...
Perfect little girl

Emy, you are so pretty!

Pretty, little ears

Hi, Mom and Dad :) Look at those digits!

Pretty spine, Ms.Emy!

Look at that BIG brain :) Smart like her daddy!
We had picked out Emy's name a long time ago... as soon as we knew there was a Baby H on the way. I had always loved the name Emersyn, and instead of being spelled "son" I wanted "syn" to make it a little girlier :) Ruth was my Memaw (mom's mom) and my great grandmother's (dad's grandmother) middle name. My Memaw passed away last July and I can only imagine what she would think of this sweet little girl, I just had  to include Memaw in our precious girl's name.
Lance and I are SO excited, Emersyn already has us both around her little finger. We can't wait to meet her, hold her, and rock her to sleep. We can't wait to read her books, play Barbies, paint fingernails, play dress up, curl her hair, and chase scary monsters out of her closets. We are even excited about the meltdowns, the drama, the sassiness, and the attitudes :) We aren't looking forward to the BOYS, the dates, the broken hearts, and our baby growing up. We just can't wait for Emersyn Ruth to be on this side of the womb :) 
My whole life I have wanted to be a mom, I had the best example growing up and have always wanted to be just like my mom. When I came to college, picking a major just seemed useless to me because I wanted to find a husband and be a mom :) I have ALWAYS wanted a little girl (boys are wonderful, too, and I can't wait for that little stinker to be in our life!), and I can't believe my ultimate dream is coming true. We have a beautiful, healthy little girl that will be here in about 5 months, even in all the turmoil of life, Emersyn makes everything perfect and beautiful. I just pray that I will be the mom she deserves, the Godly woman who sets an example of the person she wants to be when she grows up. Emersyn Ruth, you have no idea how much your mommy and daddy love you!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Our little runner

Happy 16 weeks, Baby H! Baby H is now the size of an avocado and is growing, it feels like, exponentially every day! Yesterday, at our 16 week mark I felt Baby H moving for the first time! I had no idea what was going on, so I asked my mom. I told her I had a funny feeling in the same spot by my belly button and it kept happening. She asked if it felt like flutters, I asked what flutters felt like :) If you want to know, it feels like someone let a butterfly exhibit loose in your belly! I started paying attention, and one of the flutters tickled, I knew it was Baby H. I explained it to mom and she flipped :) Since then, I am convinced our child has at least run a marathon. Baby H likes to sleep a lot the first part of the day, if it's daddy wakes it up, it will move a little bit, otherwise it just chills out (a lot like it's big brothers, Maximus and BoJackson!). After lunchtime, it starts moving more, then right around dinner time, it feels like I have an electrode attached to my belly sending high power CONSTANTLY!! It moves and moves and moves and moves- this baby has it's mama's endurance! Yay, Baby H :) It did enjoy BodyAttack this morning, especially the plyometric track, such my baby. Lance wants to feel Baby H move so badly, he can't wait for it to grow a little more and he can see the kicks and punches. Mom is bringing my old children's books to us this weekend so we can start reading to Baby H (at 16 weeks he/she can FINALLY hear us!). On Monday, we will know if Baby H is a girl Baby H or boy Baby H and we CAN'T WAIT!! I'm ready, I have bedding picked out for each and all the furniture ready to be ordered, I just need to know what name to monogram on it :) 
Nothing has really changed this week, besides a GROWING belly! I have really liked peaches, Lance and I stopped at Durbin Farms on our way home from Corner this past weekend and I convinced Lance to buy the biggest crate of peaches they sold. They are delicious, mom and dad are stopping tomorrow on their way to visit us to bring more...yes, we have almost eaten them all. 
Lance had a really good point the other day about the upcoming ultrasound. The last time we saw Baby H, he/she was about the size of the tip of a thumb, now it's between an avocado and and an onion- a giant compared to the little stinker we saw last time! We just hope he/she cooperates and doesn't show it's rear the whole time :) 

Here's the 16 week picture, HELLO BELLY!