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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy 4 Months, Sweet Emersyn

I can NOT believe another month has passed! I have had to take notes so I would remember all of the new, fun things she has done this month. Little girl is growing up so much, and is too much fun! Her little personality is adorable, she is becoming quite the social butterfly and will melt any stranger's heart with her sweet smile. She loves to hear you whistle, and talk like Donald Duck. She is eating like a champ and taking great naps as well. You never know how she is going to sleep, some nights are a solid 8-10 hours, others she may wake up every 2-3 hours.
My favorite thing that has happened in the past month is that Emersyn has discovered BoJackson, and he is by far her favorite thing to play with. She will sit and just laugh at him if he is near, and if he gets close enough she is reaching for him. Unfortunately she doesn't understand "be easy" and when she reaches for him, she grabs as much fur and skin as she can and tries to take it right to her mouth. He doesn't necessarily like this, but since Bo is so "special" he forgets quickly and is ready to play again soon :)
E is so close to rolling from her back to her belly and she gets SO mad when she gets stuck! She is also almost sitting up on her on, she just needs a little more core strength to get more upright :) She loves to jibber jabber and communicate with anyone who will listen. She also tries to talk to Bo when she wants to play :) Yes, it is precious! Throughout all the moving and unpacking we have discovered that E loves to be in her Baby Bjorn! She will ride in it until she passes out. If I ever meet the Baby Bjorn creator, I will kiss them, this has been a lifesaver!
E went for her 4 month check-up and is a whopping 16 pounds 11.7 ounces and 25 1/2 inches long!!! She had an awful time with shots, but is feeling much better now. I am already dreading our 6 month shots.  On the bright side, though, I love love love her new pediatrician. What an answered prayer she is.  
We are so thankful for such a sweet and healthy baby girl! On to month 5, sweet E, and I can't wait to see all of the new and fun things you do next :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Welcome to Pennsylvania, Haney family!

I have written and erased this blog over and over because I just can't get it right. I am posting it this time despite whatever imperfections I find :) 
This past Tuesday morning our journey began to Pennsylvania. I had lost sleep and stressed for weeks about how we were ever going to travel 900+ miles with an almost 4 month old and nervous puppy. When Tuesday morning finally rolled around, I just had to buckle everyone in and hope for the best. My dad and brother traveled with us and drove our other car so that Lance and I could ride together with E, that was a blessing! We left Corner, AL at 5:30 am and drove all day long. Emersyn did amazingly well, as did Bo (he was under the influence of tranquilizers!) We drove from Alabama, through Tennessee, on to Kentucky (which is beautiful), and got to our first day destination of Huntington, West Virginia. We arrived sooner than we expected and checked in to our hotel for the evening. We had spent 9 hours on the road that day.  
Day #2 (Wednesday morning) we left around 6am headed for Pennsylvania. E did very well the first few hours, then through the end of West Virginia and Maryland, the ridiculous changes in elevation caused her ears to start aching and she was NOT a happy camper. We stopped 2-3 times within a 10 minute span to hold her because that is all she wanted. She eventually cried while I rubbed her ears and fell asleep- my heart was broken. She didn't wake up until we had made it into Pennsylvania, and actually only about 15 miles from our home. We stopped at this town and had lunch, then met our realtor at the house (so I could finally see it!) 
We got off the interstate and turned into our community and I fell in love. Banners lined the brick sidewalks and people were out walking dogs and pushing strollers everywhere! The town is beautiful and full of Victorian homes and businesses, it feels like you have stepped back in time. When we got to our house, it was even more beautiful than the pictures I had seen, I knew it was perfect. We made a final walk through and decided where we would put what furniture and what colors paint we wanted to change. We took Emersyn and BoJackson on a walk and just loved every second. We were supposed to close on our little home the next day, Thursday, but it was starting to look like that may get pushed back a day or two. I crossed my fingers and held on to the little hope that was left that we would close and be in our house by the weekend..... well, it is Sunday and I am writing this blog from a hotel room that we have lived in since Wednesday, but the good news is WE CLOSE TOMORROW!! And we are having a new king size Tempurpedic bed delivered Wednesday morning :) 
I have been completely stressed out and have felt at times like my world has been flipped upside down, but everything is finally coming together and calming down and I really am enjoying it here. Emersyn has made the transition greater than I could have ever imagined, and has grown up so much during this adventure. BoJackson has learned to stay on a leash (which is HUGE if you know him!), and Lance and I are learning to really depend on each other since we don't know another soul here. 
The weather has been beautiful although extremely unseasonably warm, but I have loved runs around campus and trips around town. I have been very impressed with all of the nice folks we have met or spoken to. I have realized there are no babies around here, and everyone lights up when Emersyn enters a room- she draws so much attention to be so small. Because of this, she has become quite the social butterfly, she loves to get attention and will smile and jibber jabber with anyone :)
Lance is very excited about starting work next Monday, until then we have a week to hopefully get the house in some order. My sweet mom is coming to stay with us, so that will help out so much. I can't thank my precious daddy and brother enough for all of their help with the move, Luke spent his spring break driving cross country for no reason other than to get to Pennsylvania and sit in a hotel room :) 
This has already been such an adventure, but I have really enjoyed it. I am excited for all that is in store for our little family over the next couple of years, I know this will be a time we will cherish forever. We are looking forward to all of the new friends we will make and the family traditions we will begin here. Welcome to the Haney family's world, Pennsylvania, we can't wait to see what you have in store!

Monday, March 12, 2012

15/16 weeks

Our sweet girl is growing up extremely too fast.  She is becoming such a big girl. She loves to try and sit up by herself and is so close to rolling over from her back to her belly. She has the sweetest personality with a smile that will melt your heart. She loves to be entertained with funny faces and sounds, she loves to try and communicate back with sweet sounds. 
Emersyn is growing like a weed! She is so long and we estimate she weighs about 15lbs. She has her 4 month doctor's appointment in Pennsylvania on Wednesday, March 21st. We are very excited to meet her new doctor. 
Speaking of Pennsylvania, our journey north starts early tomorrow morning! We have about an 8 hour journey (not including stops for E) planned for tomorrow and are planning to make it to West Virginia. Wednesday morning we will set out again and make it to Pennsylvania by that afternoon/evening. We are praying for safety and happiness for little E during the trip. 
We have been staying in the country with Gran and Peeps since the movers packed up our home this past Friday, and it has been a sweet little vacation :) We all got to visit our precious Maxie's grave which is here in the country. We have got to spend time with some of our sweetest friends and family before our big move. It has been just lovely and I can't wait for our next visit to see all of these sweet people again. 
Today Lance and I celebrated a special day- 2 years ago we said 'I do'. It was a very laid back and relaxed anniversary but perfect in every way. It was so nice to have little Emersyn to celebrate it with :) Happy anniversary, sweetheart, here is to many, many more! 

Here are some new pictures of our little angel, she is too sweet!

E is not a big napper, but so sweet when she does :)

Love this little smile! E went to church in the country and loved seeing such sweet people who love her so much!

E LOVES to go for runs :)