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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The beautiful circle of life

We are finally beginning to settle in our new home in Pennsylvania! There is only one box and I don't see it moving anytime soon, so I am trying to overlook it- it is full of all of our framed pictures and I am just way too indecisive to decide on where I want to put those now. We spent this past weekend painting our master bedroom and the dining room- which is the most gigantic dining room I have ever been in, and didn't realize it until I was about to cry from paint exhaustion! Our new bedroom suite was also delivered and is absolutely beautiful. It is finally becoming OUR home, and we love it! I will start posting pictures once we start completing spaces :) We love our little neighborhood, our neighbors are awesome, I found a gym with fabulous instructors and a ton of Les Mills classes, Lance is settling in to his research at the university, we found a church that we love, and one of the coolest things about PA- no sales tax on groceries! (yes, I feel like an old woman getting excited over such a thing!) Our biggest adventure so far has been trying to get car tags- so far, we have a tag on one car and are waiting on more paperwork for the other- a word to the wise if anyone who reads this blog is planning a move to Pennsylvania in the near future... be prepared for 12 trips and many headaches over car tags. My favorite line from Lance during our last excursion to AAA was "Well, Rick Santorum just lost my vote just because he is from this dumb state!"
I know, so far this blog relates in no way to the blog title... I'm gettting there. On April 4th, 17 years ago I lost one of the most influential men in my life- my granddad. I only had him here for 7 short years, but no one has made such an impact. Ever since he left us, whenever I have an important event in my life my dad always says "Do you wonder what granddad would think if he were still here?" Each and every time that brings tears to my eyes because if only he could have been here to see me go off to Auburn, run Boston, graduate college, get married, and have a baby! I can only imagine what he would say and how much he would love Emersyn :) Thankfully, he left a beautiful legacy and implanted himself in so many ways in my dad and his brothers. My dad reminds me so much of him, especially of the grandparent he is to Emersyn. I am so blessed to have had my granddad for the short 7 years that I did, and my dad to carry on his name and greatness my entire life, Not one day has passed in the past 17 years that I have not thought of my granddad and I doubt that will ever change. Since junior high school, I have kept a picture of granddad and me on my nightstand (it is in the unpacked box of pictures still!), and every picture we take of E and my dad I can only help but think "this may be the picture Emersyn keeps on her nightstand when she is married :) Althoough, I sure hope she has her Peeps to be with in person!
As I have spent this day remembering my precious granddad, I have done this while watching my precious little girl amaze me with every little sound and movement she makes. What a precious gift life is! E has grown up so much over the past couple of weeks. She has started rolling over from her back to tummy (she has been rolling from her tummy since 7 weeks). She has started jabbering and laughing at everything, of course BoJackson is her favorite. She calls Bo, and it is the sweetest little sound in the world. She looks right at him and squeals until he comes towards her, and when he does she will just smile and laugh like it is the funniest thing she has ever seen. Bo adores E just as much, and HATES to hear she is upset- he will pace the house and just look at us like "Do you know my baby is crying?!" E has become even more of a daddy's girl, she absolutely adores Lance! Of course, there are still times when no one but mommy can console her little soul :) Her hands are CONSTANTLY in her mouth, as well as anything else she can grab. You can not take your eyes off of this child. Last night, I sat her in the chair with Bo while I got ready to feed her, before I knew it she had leaned over and grabbed one of Bo's back legs and was headed straight to her mough with it. I laughed so hard I hurt, when E saw me laughing, she thought it was hilarious and started laughing as well. Definitely one of those times you wish you had the video camera on and ready to capture that moment :)
I am in complete disbelief that my baby is 4 1/2 months old! She is growing up a little more each day and becoming such a big girl. Her independence breaks my heart some days, but I am so thankful she is a healthy baby :) I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds for our little angel!

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