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Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy 3 Months, Emersyn!

These months have started going by a little too fast! If you have a secret to slowing them down, I would love to hear it :) 
Little girl is not at all a "little" girl anymore but quite the healthy, chubby little one. I just love her sweet fat cheeks! After all that we went through the first two weeks with E not gaining weight, then losing weight I will gladly take my sweet, chubby girl. She is wearing 3 month clothes but busts out of the legs, so 3- 6 months has been the more desirable option with her long legs :) 
Her little personality is starting to shine and she is SO MUCH FUN! I love play time and look forward to every second of it. She hates not being able to sit up all the time, and constantly tries to pull herself to a sitting up position, even in your lap :( I try to tell her to just relax and be a baby, but she is quite hard headed and determined! She absolutely LOVES her Einstein bouncy toy (we stack Lance's thermodynamics books under her feet so she can bounce!) She will bounce in it, then pull herself up, play with her friends for a minute, then start the sequence over. She has started babbling at her little sea friends on her bouncy and her play mat, and it is so funny to listen to. Little girl has a lot to say already :) Her sweet smile lights up the room, and I keep holding my breath waiting on a giggle to come out!
She has settled back into her good sleep routine of  8-10 hours of sleep at night, a long (about 2 hours) nap, and  1 or 2 shorter naps during the day. She is absolutely precious to wake up to, so happy and smiley :) She still sleeps with me, and I'm in no hurry to move her to her big girl room. I will definitely not try anything until we are settled in Pennsylvania- too much change for a little girl! For the first time this past weekend, E put herself to sleep while Lance was holding her. This child has NEVER just fallen asleep. We had a moving company at the house to give us a quote, and Lance was walking around with Emersyn in his arms and she just fell right to sleep. She didn't fuss, didn't need her mommy, nothing- I was so sad, she is growing up too fast! Later that day, I went to buy groceries and she did it again- such a daddy's girl! She LOVES her daddy to pieces and has him tightly wound around her little finger :) 
Mommy loves you so much, E, and is having the time of her life watching you grow up! You are so much fun and the greatest blessing I have ever received. I lay in bed every night and  thank God for giving you to me to love and raise- you are wonderful and I love you SO MUCH!

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