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Sunday, February 5, 2012

10 and 11 weeks

Our sweet Emersyn has been growing like a weed and getting to be such a big girl! Everyday it seems she has grown more and has a new trick. She is such a sweet joy to be around and has shown me more love than I ever knew was possible. Her precious smile is the most beautiful sight my eyes have ever seen, and we are on the brink to out loud laughing :) She laughed once this past week in her sleep and it was absolutely adorable, then once again at her Gran during bath time.
Sweet girl is becoming very active! She has even started to become less of a fan of her bouncy seat because she can't move her arms and legs as freely as she wants :) She spends most of her time on her Baby Einstein mat kicking her legs and holding onto her octopus friend. Tummy time is starting to transition from rolling over time to trying to crawl time. No, we are not ready for this! Now, on her tummy she gets her hands in place, pokes her booty in the air and starts moving her legs. I'm sure we are probably a couple of months out from mobility but still that is a couple of months too soon! Where has my baby gone??
In the past couple of weeks, one of E's favorite new habits is chewing on her hands. She has found her thumb and fingers and thinks it is the greatest thing to have them in her mouth. She wakes me up most mornings sucking on the side of her hand :) She has also started grabbing things and moving them towards her mouth...uh oh! 
I have a feeling E and BoJackson are going to be the BEST of friends. They absolutely adore each other. Since we lost our sweet angel Max, I think Bo has really found a friend E. He gets so excited when she wakes up from a nap and he starts dragging his toys out. We got him and Max each a huge squeaky bone for Christmas and Bo loves bringing them to Emersyn when she is playing. Play time for E means play time for BoJackson :) She smiles so big when he jumps up in her face to give her loving. We can't wait for her to get big enough to hear stories of her brother, Maximus.
I can't believe we are getting this close to a 3 month birthday. I am in complete denial, but enjoying every second of bliss with sweet little E. Here are some recent pictures of our little angel!

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