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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Today, as well as this entire week, has been such a blessing and a wonderful celebration of my first Mother's Day. Lance completely outdid himself and celebrated every day. He brought me gifts (new running shoes, chocolate, and an upgrade in our satellite channels so I could watch Fox and Friends in the morning :) ), he took off work a couple of days, helped me paint our living room, and a host of other sweet surprises to help me celebrate being a mom. Of course, I didn't need or expect any of this, it's just a testament to the wonderful husband he is :) just loving on sweet E and BoJackson was plenty enough for me. This Mother's Day was even more special because we had Emersyn's baby dedication at church. Sweet girl wore one of my Feltman Brothers bubbles from when i was her age :)  It was a wonderful day with my precious family, just loving on each other and thanking God for this beautiful blessing of family he has given us!
One year ago, Lance and I had just shared with the world that we were going to be parents. Lance took me out to lunch because I was craving meat and we dreamed about what we would be doing on this day one year later. Neither of us would have imagined what parenthood would truly bring us, or what an amazing blessing it would be. We had no idea how hard, yet how rewarding it would be, and we surely had no idea how much our capacity to love would increase. I have known my whole life I wanted to be a mom. Some people have desires and callings to be many things, mine has always been a mom, and thankfully my desires matched God's plan for my life and sent me Lance who had the same wishes for a family. When we found out we were going to be parents, I was terrified although it is all I ever wanted. The second I s aw Emersyn, I felt complete. My ability to love others multiplied the second I looked in her sweet eyes. I was able to love my parents more because I understood their love for me as parents, I loved Lance more for helping create this beautiful baby,and I even loved complete strangers. I developed a burning desire in my heart to love others more than ever before and to love children. The love I have for Emersyn is unexplainable. I understand now all of the times my parents said, "we are doing this because we love you". I understand why my dad always tried to force my mom to do something for herself, but she would always take it all and use it towards me and Luke. 
Being Emersyn's mom is the greatest title I could ever have and the proudest title, even on days I barely get a shower and smell like spit-up. I love my sweet girl more than I could have ever imagined loving anyone and I am so thankful she was given to Lance and I to raise. Emersyn Ruth,you are an amazing little girl and your mommy will love you forever and ever. You will always be my baby girl. Thank you, Emersyn, for making me a mommy :)

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