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Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy 8 Months, Emersyn Ruth!

Part of me is in complete denial that my baby is 2/3 the way through her first year! Yikes! Where has the time gone?! I have tried REALLY hard to savor every second with her and not let the time just pass by, and I still don't know how time has passed so quickly.  Emersyn is sweeter than ever, and so much fun.  She has grown up so much this past month, and become such a big girl.
Emersyn has become quite the communicator recently, she loves to wave hello and goodbye :) It is the sweetest wave I have ever seen! She absolutely loves Elmo and Sesame Street, and still adores Baby Einstein videos.  She is mobile and QUICK.  I spend all day chasing this speedster around the house, and it is exhausting.  Crawling is perfected as well as pulling up on everything she doesn't tip over first, and she can take a couple of steps while she is pulled up! She chatters non-stop, her favorite chatter is "dadadadada".  I know, music to Lance's ears :) Emersyn and BoJackson are the BEST of friends.  Bo is quick, but Emersyn in quicker and she can catch him in no time.  She loves to grab his ears and tail, sweet Bo just lets her.  The only bickering between these two is over toys.  Emersyn wants the toy Bo has and Bo wants whatever toy E has, and Emersyn has learned to pitch a FIT if Bo takes her toy away :) Speaking of fits, our sweet child is a master at fit pitching! She loves mine and Lance's water bottles, and if either enter her sight and she doesn't immediately have her hands on it, a fit will proceed.  Yes, we are in for it!
Emersyn is still eating like a pro, she went on almost a month long kick where she refused to eat anything except avocados and bananas.  Thankfully, we are on the other side of that phase.  She LOVES yogurt, puffs, baby crackers, and pieces of banana like a big girl.  She is still adjusting to her sippy, but does love drinking water out of it.  Such a big girl.
Our sweet angel teaches us new things everyday.  She absolutely amazes me, I think she hung the moon and have never been so in love.  She loves to be rocked and to cuddle, I cherish every single second of this. I just love this sweet child and can not get enough of her love each day.  Yes, sometimes I want to pull my hair out and am convinced I have no idea what I am doing and no business being responsible for this little human. Those days I grow as a wife and mom.  Other days, I just stop a hundred times during the day and just thank God for this sweet, sweet blessing that I could have never deserved.  Her sweet little giggle and precious smile make all the bad times more than worth it, she is such a sweet baby girl.  I love being Emersyn's mom.  I could watch Sesame Street, make silly faces, and sing "Old Macdonald" all day long. This is all I have ever wanted, and I am so thankful this is the life I have been blessed with. 
Emersyn Ruth, you are the sweetest blessing ever and I am so thankful I get to be your mommy!

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