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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy 7 Months, Emersyn Ruth!

Another month has come and gone and flown by ever so fast! Our sweet girl is growing and changing daily, and boy does she have a personality. She is the sweetest cuddler and lover, but can pitch a rather frightful fit as well. She has changed over this past month a little too much, I am still trying to catch up on all she has done just in the past 2 weeks, hopefully I will remember it all :) Emersyn LOVES to watch her baby Einstein dvds and Sesame Street, she is a huge Elmo fan. Her favorite food, hands down, is avocado! Girlfriend could eat avocados all day, every day if I would allow it. She is also a fan of squash, peaches, and bananas. You could mix anything with avocado and she would eat it, though :) She loves to chatter and make her "motor boat" noises. If she is awake, there is a sound coming out of her mouth :) Her chatter right now is mostly dadadada and nananana. Definitely not first words yet, my bet for her first word is "Bo". Speaking of Bo, E adores BoJackson, and I think it is safe to say the feelings are mutual. These two are precious together, they love to share toys and play. If E is ever fussy in the car, we will spend the whole ride asking "where is Bo?" and she will just giggle. Bo has been so great with her. Her favorite toys right now are the teething toys off of her Einstein mat and bouncy, Sophie the giraffe, her play cell phone and any real cell phone she can get her hands on, Elmo doll, the foam alphabet letters we have under her pallet in the floor, and she loves to run laps in her Bright Stars walk around table. We have discovered E loves the pool and the water! We have a float we put her in in the baby pool and she tries to swim out of it, busy all the time! Emersyn is now very mobile, overnight she went from barely sitting up to sitting up without a wobble, crawling, pulling up, and even can take steps once she has pulled herself up! Anything that this child can get her hands on, she's pulling up on. She is not still for a second! E is a pro at yoga moves, she loves to put herself in a V position on her hands and feet and try to walk around like that, such a mess! Our sweet girl loves playing with her feet, and too many times those piggies make it to her mouth! She loves for us to talk bout kitty cats because BoJackson likes to chase cats in our yard, and she thinks that is so funny! She loves singing "head, shoulders, knees, and toes" with her daddy and riding on his shoulders :) I can't believe how much sweet little E has changed over the past month! She is turning into such a big girl, it actually makes you appreciate the tantrums and helpless times because it's a reminder she is still a baby. Emersyn is so sweet and such a precious blessing! We have had the lovely pleasure of spending time with Gran and Peeps the past few weeks, and it has been glorious! I can't even begin to put into words how wonderful and amazing they are and how much they love little E, but having them around makes my heart happy :) E loves her Gran and Peeps so much and she has the best time with them when they are here! I get a little vacation because they hog her :) I actually took a nap by myself without having to listen for a baby this past week, it was amazing what quality sleep can do for you! E lights up when they come in the room , she knows how much they love her, too :) Thank you, mom and dad for not only being the greatest parents in the world but also being the most amazing grandparents for E and loving her more than you thought was possible. We are all so lucky to have you :) I have no idea what this next month will hold, Lord willing more growing up for our sweet girl, more bumps on the noggin, more chasing for mama, more hugs, kisses, and giggles, and a lot more play time with this busy little bee :) and I am so thankful for every second I have to spend with her and love on her. 7 months ago, I had NO idea what I was doing or about to embark on, I'm still pretty clueless most days but I do have an unconditional love for little Emersyn that gets us through everyday. What an experience and beautiful blessing you are every day, being your mommy is the greatest! I love you, Emersyn Ruth Haney, happy 7 months our sweet angel :)

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