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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy 10 Months, Emersyn Ruth!

This is fun, this is really fun.  Little Emersyn can be such a hand-full most days, but boy is it fun! Sweet girl has such a personality and is so, incredibly silly! She amazes me everyday at new things she picks up on and all that she learns.  She definitely keeps us on our toes, and we have our running shoes on at all times chasing after our quick girl.  I can't believe we are counting down to our big 1 year celebration.  I should be busy planning her birthday party, but I took care of that when she was in the womb :) Mommy's severe Type A personality at it's best, little E had a birthday dress before she entered the world.  It's paying off now, we are just ready to celebrate our baby girl's first year.  I know her 11th month is going to fly by with all of the busy-ness of planning to spend a nice, long vacation in the country and traveling, so we are holding on to every second of this month.  I am not excited that this first year continues to fly by, I am excited that little Emersyn is such a healthy, happy girl and is thriving, moreso I am ecstatic that in less than 8 short weeks my days will not revolve around a pumping schedule and a cow can primarily feed my child- trust me, this will be life changing!
Emersyn is such a busy little bee. I am in love with her personality, curiosity, and eagerness. This is the most determined and hard headed child I have ever known.  She wants to walk so bad she can't stand it.  So far, she has taken 5 continuous steps, that is our highest count.  She can walk all day as long as one hand can touch something.  She has a squat down pat.  Sweet child is in a head banging stage, and it really troubles me and Lance.  We can't figure out, for the life of us, why she loves to hit her head on every solid surface she can find, she has even started hitting balls on her forehead- why, sweet girl?! We read she could be under-stimulated, bored, tired, or a host of other things.  We are at a loss, praying this is a phase, and it passes QUICKLY! Right now, we are eating very well and primarily using a straw to drink with, although E is not a big fan :) She has cut out one of her three naps, so we are down to two. She is napping very well, between 1 and 2 hours each time, but sleeps horribly at night- I just remind myself this will pass ONE DAY and I will sleep again.  She loves BoJackson more than ever, they have their own little language.  I am almost convinced she is saying "Bo", just not convinced enough to put it in ink in her baby book :) It is more of a "BAH!!", but she knows what she means :) She is a chatter box, chatting constantly and it is the sweetest sound! Still no ma-ma, and da-da has morphed into deh-deh.  Such a doll.  She loves to climb and play with every non-toy item she can find such as mommy and daddy's phones, any kind of cord, the iPad, Lance's computer, the remote, the laundry basket, the dishwasher, anything in the kitchen cabinets, and Bo's food bowls :) She loves playing in the pantry and in Lance's backpack when it is not put up.  She had her first play date with the toilet, then was disinfected and bathed- I still gag thinking about it! She adores Elmo and Sesame Street, we watch at least 5 episodes a day. This girl is nothing less than SO MUCH FUN!
Every second with sweet E is heavenly, she is such a blessing! I absolutely adore watching her grow up and try and cherish all of our time together.  I am amazed daily, and can't wait to see what another month holds! Mommy and daddy love you, sweet E!

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