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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy 11 Months, Emersyn!

Another month older, and as close as we can get to our first birthday- I can't believe it! Sweet little E will celebrate her first birthday in just 3 short weeks. What a blessing this first year has been- I'll save all of my sentimental "first year" thoughts for the next blog and spare you them now, so be ready next month :) 
Emersyn has changed so much over the past month and grown up a tremendous amount.  She went from a wobbly few steps to running! We had a little challenge learning to walk in our pretty shoes, but she has mastered that now (although she still prefers to try and eat her shoes more than walk in them most days).  She chews on EVERYTHING, I never know when she truly is teething or not because she is always chewing and putting everything in her little mouth. She thinks it is hilarious to sneak to the stairs or windowsill and chew on it.  You can ask Emersyn any question and she will shake her head "no" and grin as big as possible :) She has become so full of expression and love.  She will run for me with open arms and the biggest grin, definitely the best part of my day! She loves Bo more than ever, and has gotten pretty good at saying "BO!" Everything Emersyn does or says is overly dramatic, whether it's giving Bo love or pitching a fit- she does it will all of her might! The days of being held and loved on are just about over. First of all, you can't catch her and if you do, she is going to wiggle away.  She wants to walk everywhere, and thinks she is too grown to ride in buggies and strollers or be carried anywhere.  She still adores Sesame Street and we watch about 10 episodes each day. She will climb on anything and everything and is ever so curious.  
Sweet girl still is a horrible sleeper and eater.  She has been fighting an awful sinus infection, which has only made sleeping and eating worse but I think we are finally on the upswing.  She is sleeping in until about 8 am, which is nice and napping great twice a day.  She isn't too fond of trying many foods, and we have taken many steps backwards in our efforts to rid her of a bottle since she has been so sick.  Oh well.  
Since the ambiguous picture I posted in Emersyn's 11 month album, I'll elaborate :) 

We are selling our home in Pennsylvania because we are moving to St. Louis! Lance took a job with Boeing and will start in January. E and I will spend some time with Gran and Peeeps because our home search in St. Louis has not been very successful so far.  We are very excited and can't wait to be a day's drive away from our precious Gran and Peepsie. We will miss our PA friends so much, I really can't put into words what a blessing they have been to us. They have loved on me and Lance, and loved so greatly on sweet E. We have been taken in as family when ours was so far away, and flooded with care.  I am so thankful we met our friends here and can't imagine going through life without ever knowing them and having their friendship.  Our journey here has been more than a blessing, and we can't wait to see what lies ahead in Missouri :)

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