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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas already seems so far away, although it was just a short week ago.  Of course, it was wonderful and filled with love, family, laughter, too many sweets, and a rotten little girl. Our Christmas season was filled with fun adventures with little E. We had two Santa visits, a trip to Zoolight Safari, a cookie making party, and little girl even tagged along for an all day shopping adventure.  E loves horses, dogs, and balls right now. She got 3 new horse toys, a ball pit, baby dolls, hot pink running shoes (my favorite!), and too many other fun gifts.  Our plan was to start this year with 3 Santa gifts to keep Santa from getting out of control.  She had 3 Santa gifts, but they ended up coupled with Gran and Peeps' gifts and Christmas morning was a present explosion.  We took this year as a trial run.  We learned there is no need wrapping gifts on Christmas morning and everything must be assembled and ready to be played with- rookie mistakes, I know.  As parents, Lance and I have made it our goal that in every Christmas activity, we can point Emersyn to Christ and the true meaning of Christmas.  She is a child, and my expectations are low that every year she will really get into the giving and serving, but I pray it will open her heart to Christ's love and sacrifice for her. I am totally prepared for eye rolls in about 10 years. 
Short and sweet, Christmas was wonderful and we made precious memories to last until the decor goes up next year :) Emersyn had a blast, loved Christmas musicals, and opening presents. I can't wait to see her interact next year and all the more fun it will be :) We are already counting down until next Christmas season, and may be whipping out Christmas music come July or August- what can I say, it's my favorite time of the year!
E and her boys. She has these three around her pinky

That's a smile because someone said "presents!"

The girls

My sweet loves

The boys and grandkids

E and her crew :)

E with her aunts and girl cousins

Christmas morning

One of E's Santa trips. This kid LOVES Santa

E had her first Zoolight Safari trip and loved it!

First carousel ride at Zoolight Safari

Cutie pie in Santa jammies and new house shoes

Cookie time!

Sharing her cookie dough with Peepsie

Our first pigtails!

Our little Haney family

Christmas Day in a precious new outfit from Aunt Jenn :)

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