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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

We made it another year! New Years, as a mom, is another sigh of relief- we did it! We are all still alive and thriving! In some ways, this past year flew by, but in other ways so much has happened that it amazes me we fit it all into 365 days.  I had two sweet midnight kisses, one from Lance and the best, slobbery kiss from E :) I am spending New Year's Day with a fussy baby who went to sleep at 1:30am and woke up at least every hour, a breast infection, a rainy day, and a husband on wet, icy roads for the next 6-7 hours. Hoping this isn't what the year has in store for us, but if that's it we will make the best of it!
This time last year, Lance was just getting back from an interview at Penn State and I was trying my hardest to fight the move. We had a 5 week old baby, a very sick puppy (who went to puppy heaven 2 days later), and a fine little life in South Alabama.  The thought of moving 14 hours away literally made my stomach turn.  I bit the bullet and went to support Lance. I tried to be the supportive, put a smile on and act like everything is fine- wife, but inside I was so sad.  This move turned into the biggest blessing I have ever received.  We moved into a beautiful Victorian home in a little town about 20 minutes outside of State College called Tyrone, PA.  Waiting in this little town, was the sweetest group of friends we have ever had.  They blessed our lives in more ways than they will ever know. They included us as family during holidays and special events while ours was so far away.  They are all angels. They impacted our family and left the biggest mark on our hearts.  I learned to trust in the plan God has for our family that I can't see.  We settled in and adapted better than I ever imagined we would. Our friends were there to watch Emersyn grow and offer support and encouragement through all of our growing pains and sleepless nights. When we had fussy days, they showed up at my front door and got me out of the house.  Like I said, they are all angels.  I observed how they parent because they were so good at it, and I was like a sponge to every piece of advice they offered.  They all made us feel complete.  
Emersyn grew up into such a big girl while we were in PA. She took her first bite of food, her first crawl, pull-up, and steps, she uttered her first chatter, developed a love for Elmo, went for her first swim, and so many more milestones.  We expected our PA stay would be around 2 years because of the project Lance was working on.  In late August, Lance shared with me that he had applied to a job with Boeing and was being flown to St. Louis for an interview.  I was surprised, to say the least.  We knew the position he was being interviewed for also existed at the Huntsville, AL plant and had discussed that would be the only way we would consider the move.  Lance interviewed and enjoyed it, I had already planned the rest of our lives in Huntsville :) He received an offer in September and it was more than we ever imagined.  The selling point for me was the relocation package they offered- I wouldn't have to pack or unpack the first thing.  The only drawback is that the offer was to be located in St. Louis.  We both had a peace about the move, and were excited about the changes ahead.  Never in a million years, would I have imagined I would be sad about leaving Pennsylvania.  More tears than I ever expected were shed the night we pulled away from our home one last time. We still miss our friends dearly, but stay in touch and know if we don't spend much more time together on this side of heaven, we have eternity to rejoice together.  
Lance left this morning headed to St. Louis, he has some HR business to tend to tomorrow, then starts work on Friday. Thursday is going to be filled with house hunting. We have an interested buyer on our PA home and are praying it sells quickly and is used to bless more lives and hearts.  Looking back, this past year has been a whirlwind. I have been so blessed to be home with little E and embrace every little milestone and change she has had.  The best part of 2012, by far, was being her mommy full time! 
Looking into the new year, my heart has been burdened with changes. I am not calling them resolutions because I already know I will fail miserably, but I will not give up.  I did set one fun goal to work on as well in my "free" time. ha ha ha. In 2013, I want to be a calmer mom, a more patient wife, and a more diligent Christ follower.  I want less time on social media and my iPad and more time interacting with my family.  I want more time in prayer and less time complaining.  I have been blessed, so blessed. I want to reflect more on my blessings and less on jealousy and wanting more- if your child has slept through the night, I've been jealous of you.  I want more simplicity.  For fun, I am organizing recipes in a recipe binder and working better at weekly menus- I guess this fits into the simplicity category :)
So, here's to another year! As always, I am anxious to see what the year holds, but willing to be patient and see where God leads us.  Right now, we are headed to St.Louis, MO- we are going to be mid-westerners. Never thought I would say that :) 2013- we look forward to your blessings and your trials.  Let's make the best of it!

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