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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

So, now we have a couple of catch-up posts! I can't leave out Christmas! This year, Lance, myself, and the pups loaded up and traveled to the country (Corner, AL)-my hometown. It was beautiful, and such a nice getaway. All the years growing up, I would countdown the days for when I could leave Corner, now going back to that sweet little town is such a prize. I suppose it holds such a special place since that is where my  precious family and best friends are, that no matter where we go, could never be replaced.  We had our first white Christmas all together. The pups didn't care too much for it, Maximus didn't like the cold and BoJackson was a little confused (he's our "special" child, he's confused quite often!) It was beautiful, however, it almost overstayed it's welcome. The day after Christmas is my mom's and my annual shopping extravaganza, I can't even remember a time when we didn't shop on Dec.26th. The snow tried to halt our adventures, but not much can stand between us and really good sales! I can tell I'm growing more mature, I was most excited about the Christmas platters and decor I found for 75% off! Woo hoo! My sweet aunt, uncle, and precious cousins also gave Lance and me one of our favorite gifts- a set of Christmas china! I was SO excited, I wanted to register for some when we had our wedding registry, however it's rather difficult to find Christmas china in January/February :)
Here are some of our pictures from our favorite tradition- Allums family Christmas Eve on Allums hill :)

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