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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I cannot believe 2011 is already here! Why do the years seem to go by faster and faster each year? Just when you stop wishing years away and are ready to cherish the time you have, it feels like the days pass by faster than you can even plan for them. That is my New Year's Resolution #1, to cherish time with sweet friends and my perfect family even more.  New Year's Resolution #2 is my commitment to be a good blogger :) and, #3 is to be an awesome coupon-er! I started couponing this past year, like really couponing, and it is slightly addictive. I'm going to keep learning and saving even more $$ in 2011 :)
So far, 2011 in the Haney household has been wonderful. We started our day with a gym date, and thankfully started the year healthy with no stress fractures, arthritic injuries, or inflamed muscles. Since then, we have relaxed and watched the greatest sport ever-college football. I love New Year's Day games, however, our house has not pulled for any SEC teams.  If you don't know by now that we are DIEHARD Auburn tigers, you're just being nosy reading our blog :) So, of course, we never cheer for Bama (and those of you who do, b/c "it's the SEC', SHAME on you!), and with all of the Cam drama, I can't pull for MSU, and well Urban kinda ticked me off as well- so UF's out of the picture, plus they are playing Penn State and Lance has 2 of his 3(almost 4) degrees from there.  We haven't been very successful cheerleaders, but it's been nice to be lazy and have it on the tv all day.
I'm excited to see what 2011 has in store for us. The past 2 years have been amazing, and I never knew how the next one would top the previous year, but it always did :) 2009 was filled with the Boston marathon for me, Lance's first marathon, and we met and fell in love :)

In 2010 we got married, had an amazing honeymoon in Jamaica, and expanded our family to 4 with the adoption of Mr. BoJackson Haney.   

What will 2011 hold? I have no idea, but I can't wait to discover what this year is holding for our family!
I'm usually at a loss for resolutions, but I like mine for this year, hopefully I'll stick with [most of] them well :) As for Lance, not sure if he has done any soul searching and decided upon anything for 2011, besides graduating! That is his #1 goal for 2011 :)

Happy New Year from the Haney's! May your 2011 be filled with much love, happiness, and precious moments :)

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