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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Vegan in the Making

Another week at the Haney household has come and gone, and we have finally entered the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP countdown! I proudly wore my orange and blue and "Beat Oregon" button to work on Friday, and have welcomed a lot of tiger fans to the plains for the weekend!
This has just been another week for us filled with work, runs, gym, and the sweet pups.  Lance has been resting up for his LAST semester of college, and I've just been trucking away with WIC.  I had some precious patients that kept me smiling each day, and Lance got to spend some quality time with our children. He also ran a half marathon this morning, and performed very well, he finished in 1:42:55 with a satisfied and content feeling :) YAY, Lance!  Lance starts back with meetings, research, and writing his dissertation this next week. We are still patiently waiting on offers for post-doc or research offers for genius, soon-to-be Dr.Haney :)
One of the highlights of this week was receiving my new cookbook! It is Appetite for Reduction  by the goddess of vegan cuisine, Isa Chandra Moskowitz. She is amazing, and also the best selling author of Veganomicon and Vegan with a Vengeance, Vegan Brunch, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.. Most of her cookbooks holds a special place in my kitchen :) Yes, I love Isa. She is amazing. Appetite for Reduction is absolutely wonderful. I was so excited about my new cookbook, I made 3 of the recipes for dinner tonight. This leads to highlight #2 of the week. I spent a couple of days going through the cookbook and making a grocery list, it was hard to only pick one weeks worth of meals, somehow I managed. Tonight, we had Mac and Trees, Sushi Roll Salad, and Blackened Tofu. All 3 were amazing, and even Lance raved.
Now for a little background information, I am vegan and have been for a while now, Lance-not so much. He likes the health benefits and the thought of eating such great foods, however, Lance Haney hates vegetables. Now, if you aren't familiar with vegan cooking, it means no animal products. None. What's left? A lot of stuff made from, you guessed it, vegetables...well, and beans and grains, of course and Lance also despises beans. Tonight we were working on the vegetables. When I first got the recipe book and was looking through it, Lance joined and was excited about Mac and Trees, this really excited me. As you can probably imagine, the "trees" is broccoli, and Lance really doesn't like broccoli. When I was making dinner tonight, Lance was overseeing the operation, and was very puzzled when I pulled a bag of broccoli out of the freezer- apparently soon-to-be Dr.Lance, didn't make this connection. However, dinner tonight became epic as Lance ate and enjoyed broccoli!! Hooray, another vegan in the making :)
Maybe our week needs to be a little more exciting, either way, Lance and his vegetables ranks very high on my list.
Hopefully we will have beautiful snow pictures to come next week, and not too many of icy roads! All we are hoping for is electricity to watch another Auburn victory!
War Eagle!

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