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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our First BIG purchase

I guess this makes up grown-ups now :) When Lance and I met, we had the same car, a Civic coupe... a very small car! Traveling was a pain, and finally after making a trip to Corner for Christmas and being completely packed and uncomfortable for about 3 hours each way,we decided to bite the bullet and improve our vehicle situation. We both think we made a great decision and we absolutely LOVE our new car :) What did we get? A Honda Pilot! We found a 2008 at a local dealership, so it had been certified AND the coolest feature- it has a dvd player, yes, Lance and I were both very excited about that. When we will actually be the ones watching the movies, I don't think we really thought about that :) But, we love it and are excited to travel in comfort now!

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