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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby H- 14 weeks

We are in our 14th week with Baby Haney and everyday I think my belly grows a little more. I had my first experience with pants that wouldn't button this past week, Lance and I went shopping today for some big girl gym clothes so I can at least work out without feeling like I'm going to rip a pair of shorts, and unfortunately my appetite grows everyday. The good news is that I feel so much better and have more energy than I have had in a long time! At least, if I could eat a house, I could work out long enough to burn it off :) Speaking of appetite, I eat A LOT. And I crave a lot of random foods that I haven't had in years. Recently, my food journal has consisted of red meat, ice cream, green leafy vegetables, Keebler elf cookies, watermelon, corn dogs (the Morningstar veggie corn dogs- I haven't fallen that bad off the wagon!) and anything that has chocolate in it! Yeah, good thing I can still work out as hard as I could pre-pregnancy :)
These random pregnancy symptoms aren't too fun. My face hurts from all the breakouts, I thought I had made it through puberty pretty well, pregnancy has been a monster to my face! My attitude is, well, bad! My boss describes me as "hostile" :) I can't argue with that. In my defense, I work in a very unorganized, lazy, pathetic environment a couple days of the week and that is usually when she gets e-mails saying "I'm about to attack a patient!" :) I am VERY hormonal, I cried watching 16 and pregnant this afternoon, then about strangled Lance because he was making fun of me. Wow...
It is fun to learn about Baby H every week and how he/she is growing. Baby is about 4 inches long now, weighs about 2 oz and can make facial expressions and suck it's thumb. Lance talks to Baby everyday, and Maximus has become VERY protective. He sleeps right beside Baby H every night and if he sees Lance try to put a hand on my belly- he attacks! Good big brother, Maximus :)

On a completely different note, this month is our 1 year anniversary with baby BoJackson Haney :) We are such bad parents, we don't remember the exact day we adopted him (we fostered for a while, then officially adopted), but we know it was early May. Poor, second child! BoJackson has come so far in the past year. Just a little background- this sweet boy was a puppy mill rescue. He was 6 months old when we got him and had had very minimal human involvement. It took us a few months to be able to pick him up. He has chewed holes in our walls, a beautiful pair of shoes, at least 2 pair of Lance's flip flops, countless ponytail holders and pieces of jewelry from my nightstand, Max's sweaters, puppy pads, the coffee table, socks, shorts, my memory foam pillow, a hole in the comforter and sheets, and many other things- but we knew we had to be patient and one day he would grow out of it. Thankfully, the chewing stage is mostly over, he still chews when he gets anxious if we are gone for a long time, but he takes most of his anxiety out on nylabones now :) He is such a loving little boy, he loves to cuddle with myself, Lance, or Max. Speaking of Max, he LOVES Max! BoJackson is a morning boy, he is the perfect Pavlov dog case when my alarm goes off every morning. At 4 am when he hears my alarm, BoJackson jumps out of bed and runs to the door and dances until we let him out. He goes crazy if we bring meat into the house (which has become a lot more frequent!) He tries to jump  on the counter, and when it makes it to the table, he will stick his nose on the edge of table and whine until he gets a taste- rotten, I know. 
There were many times this past year when Lance and I could have given him back to the adoption place because we would get so frustrated, but then we would think about sweet Bo and wonder who else out there would really love him. We love this sweet boy, he has taught us A LOT of patience. He has been great practice for Baby H, I've been up many nights cleaning up throw-up, comforting Bo with an upset tummy, or just because it's 2 am and he feels like playing! Mommy and Daddy love you BoJackson and can't wait for Baby H to be big enough to play with you, you will be a great big brother :) 

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