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Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Haney Surprise

What great news to share after such sad times with our sweet Maximus!  We are still devastated about our sad news, but know Maximus will be a great big brother. 
Yes, in case you haven't seen it yet- a Baby Haney is on the way :) I am a little over 12 weeks with this little stinker and already can't wait to meet him/her.  It has been so hard to keep it a secret, but I just didn't want to spread the news too early.  My family has known for less than a month, and they have been about to burst with this exciting news. I told them they could tell anyone who doesn't know Lance or myself- within a few hours, my dad had told everyone he works with in Mississippi and the waitress at dinner :)
So how did we find out? Well... let's just start with it was a HUGE SURPRISE! Lance and I were looking at jobs and internships all over the country and definitely not thinking about adding a little one to the puzzle. I had noticed I was not feeling very well, then out of nowhere I would have killed for a mexican pizza from Taco Bell (disgusting, I realize this!). After sharing this with Lance, he said "Um, Lacey, you really need a pregnancy test!" I thought he was crazy, but in the back of my mind I knew something was going on if I wanted ANYTHING from Taco Bell! That afternoon I made Lance go buy a pregnancy test (he was not very happy about this and proclaimed he would NEVER buy another one!) He bought the cheapest one because all of the name brand tests were locked up and he was NOT about to ask to have it unlocked! I was so mad, and pitched a fit that no matter what it would be negative since he was so cheap and scared to ask for the real tests- hello, moodswings! I took the test the next morning and it was so, very positive. I took another that evening and it was still positive, then we bought a different brand and tried more. Of course, they were all positive. I walked around for a few days just saying "Oh my goodness!" I couldn't belive we were going to have a BABY.
We have had a couple of doctor appointments, and so far they have gone perfectly. We had an ultrasound to determine how far along we were, and the baby was already practicing BodyAttack :) It was so active, it was precious to see it squriming around. The heartbeat was 158- daddy Lance was frantic, he didn't realize that was completely normal! Our next appointment (#3) is next Tuesday, May 10th. Four weeks after that we will know if this baby is a boy or girl! Crazy :)
This little squirt has already changed our lives in SO MANY ways! We are looking for Lance a job to stay in state so I can deliver in Birmingham and know my pool of pediatricians, plus Gran and Peeps definitely need to be close by! We still covet your prayers that a job situation works out for Lance. What about Knoxville? We have no idea. I did defer for a year, which gives us a little time, but we have no idea what will ever come of the situation. Every position Lance has applied to in the area has not even offered an interview- I know God is in control and he knows our perfect, beautiful plan,  and he has definitely already has shown up his nice sense of humor :) I'm honestly not worried about it, this sweet baby already has us all consumed with it's sweet little self, and if I am meant to be a mommy and nothing else, I will be perfectly happy :)
 It's funny to look back and see how God was putting everything in place for Lance and I to find out about this sweet baby. First, the job I have with WIC has taught me so, very much about babies. I know I would be so overwhelmed and feel so unprepared if I had not been here for a year and learned so much. It's really interested me in reading more research and learning all I can to answer the questions moms bring to us. Also, a few months back Lance and I decided we needed a larger vehicle because we each had 2-door Civics and could not even make a weekend trip to Corner with the puppies comfortably. We upgraded to a Honda Pilot and have plenty of room for a baby now :)
We are very excited, but still need all the prayers we can get- prayers for a healthy , happy baby are at the top of our list :)
I'll share ultrasound pictures, it was a little stubborn and facing the wrong direction, but we both think it still looks adorable!

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