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Friday, May 13, 2011

Why hello, trimester #2

This past Tuesday, I went to the doctor for another visit. Everything went wonderful, I was feeling a lot better, and baby's heart rate was 147. He said my labs were "beautiful" and we scheduled our next ultrasound to find out what our little stinker is :) That appointment is June 6th and no one can wait!! I hit 13 weeks Thursday, yesterday, and the few days leading up to it I was really feeling good. The tiredness didn't seem too much better (but I will blame that on 4 am workouts more-so than baby H!), but I wasn't feeling as yucky and was actually able to have some really good, decent paced runs! Well....
Yesterday, I started having some cramps just randomly throughout the day and didn't feel too hot. I didn't think much about it, because as lovely as it sounds, all the muscles are supposed to be really growing and stretching right now which causes discomfort. Last night, I woke up repeatedly with sharp, awful pains. I felt horrid! This morning I felt worse because I was tired on top of everything else from being up all night, and was on the verge of panic attack! My sweet, sweet boss told me to just stay home for the day, and I called the doctor's office as soon as they opened. The nurse called me back and told me to come on in as soon as I could get there- this worsened my panic, but in hindsight I am glad they were so pro-active. We worked right in, and didn't take any time at all to see the Dr. Baby was completely fine, heart rate was 157 and mommy just has a nasty virus. He said a normal person may keep a bug like this for 12 hours, it could stay with me for 48, but not to worry- baby would be taken care of, I just had to suffer :) Works for me! He prescribed a lot of Gatorade and bland foods if I am starving- I was so hungry at this point, dirt was looking appetizing (pica?)! I ran by the store, got some meds he recommended, and stocked up on Gatorade. I have recently been dying for Keebler elf cookies (with the chocolate in the middle), and apparently the rest of Auburn has been, also- the shelves have been empty! Today, on my Kroger run for Gatorade, I found elf cookies! So, although, I have felt AWFUL and was terrified for a few hours, this visit turned very successful- heartbeats always make the day better and elf cookie finds made this hungry girl very excited! At the end of the day, I was just thrilled to know Baby H is as healthy as ever, just depriving it's mama :)
We are on the countdown to knowing what are sweet stinker is! 23 days to go :) Hopefully this virus will pass soon, and we will be feeling a lot better! I'm ready for a full swing of the 2nd trimester sneak peek I had for a few days earlier this week. 
Yes, we started with the bump pictures, Lance says he can't tell (he's just trying to be nice, he's probably bruised still from all the early bump comments he was making!), but boy I can! I think the scarf is a good camouflage for the bump in this 13 week pic. And, yes, I love my fat pants- New York and Company linen, drawsting pants are perfect for growing bellies!!

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  1. Ah! I can totally tell there's a bump!

    I hope you start feeling better!