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Friday, June 3, 2011

Our little runner

Happy 16 weeks, Baby H! Baby H is now the size of an avocado and is growing, it feels like, exponentially every day! Yesterday, at our 16 week mark I felt Baby H moving for the first time! I had no idea what was going on, so I asked my mom. I told her I had a funny feeling in the same spot by my belly button and it kept happening. She asked if it felt like flutters, I asked what flutters felt like :) If you want to know, it feels like someone let a butterfly exhibit loose in your belly! I started paying attention, and one of the flutters tickled, I knew it was Baby H. I explained it to mom and she flipped :) Since then, I am convinced our child has at least run a marathon. Baby H likes to sleep a lot the first part of the day, if it's daddy wakes it up, it will move a little bit, otherwise it just chills out (a lot like it's big brothers, Maximus and BoJackson!). After lunchtime, it starts moving more, then right around dinner time, it feels like I have an electrode attached to my belly sending high power CONSTANTLY!! It moves and moves and moves and moves- this baby has it's mama's endurance! Yay, Baby H :) It did enjoy BodyAttack this morning, especially the plyometric track, such my baby. Lance wants to feel Baby H move so badly, he can't wait for it to grow a little more and he can see the kicks and punches. Mom is bringing my old children's books to us this weekend so we can start reading to Baby H (at 16 weeks he/she can FINALLY hear us!). On Monday, we will know if Baby H is a girl Baby H or boy Baby H and we CAN'T WAIT!! I'm ready, I have bedding picked out for each and all the furniture ready to be ordered, I just need to know what name to monogram on it :) 
Nothing has really changed this week, besides a GROWING belly! I have really liked peaches, Lance and I stopped at Durbin Farms on our way home from Corner this past weekend and I convinced Lance to buy the biggest crate of peaches they sold. They are delicious, mom and dad are stopping tomorrow on their way to visit us to bring more...yes, we have almost eaten them all. 
Lance had a really good point the other day about the upcoming ultrasound. The last time we saw Baby H, he/she was about the size of the tip of a thumb, now it's between an avocado and and an onion- a giant compared to the little stinker we saw last time! We just hope he/she cooperates and doesn't show it's rear the whole time :) 

Here's the 16 week picture, HELLO BELLY!

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  1. Oh Lacey, you look beautiful!!! I'm so happy for you, Lance, and Baby H and just love seeing that little belly grow. I have no doubt your Baby H has your endurance; you're starting his/her personal training early! :) Sending light and love to you all~