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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Emersyn Ruth, our baby girl

If you can't tell Lance, myself, Gran, Peeps, and even Maximus and BoJackson are beaming- then, take my word for it! I don't think any of us have let a smile slip from our faces since we saw our sweet girl for the first time yesterday! We had been counting down and looking forward to this appointment for so long. I was afraid the baby wasn't going to move, and we would leave the doctor with the same unknown gender we arrived with. 
Yesterday morning, I was ready for a good appointment. I woke baby up early and went to the gym. For breakfast I had tea, and before we left for the doctor I had a snack that consisted of a chocolate muffin and Diet Mountain Dew! This baby was going to be flipping, I was going to make certain. Just in case sweet baby wasn't awake already, on the way to the hospital Lance decided to play his old band's cd (in case you somehow missed this, Lance was once upon a time a rockstar- yes, a REAL rockstar!)- oh, she was definitely awake after that :) 
When we got to the doctor, we were in the ultrasound room in no time. The tech was getting all of her information and images before we could see baby, and this seemed like an eternity! Mom dad, Lance, and I all sat in silence staring at her waiting to know if Baby H was a boy or a girl! FINALLY after hours it seemed, she started going over the pictures of Baby H and letting us see our sweet baby move around, then she told us....this baby is a FEMALE! Lance cried, I screamed, mom and dad squealed- we could NOT believe it, a little GIRL!! We knew we had a little Emersyn :) The tech continued to go over everything with us, Baby Emy is perfect- her brain is perfectly developing, her bones are perfect, her sweet face is perfect, her sweet little heart is perfect, all of her organs are right where they should be, and our sweet girl has all 10 fingers and toes :) She made sure right at the end of the ultrasound to wave at us! Our sweet, sweet girl! Here are a few of her ultrasound pictures...
Perfect little girl

Emy, you are so pretty!

Pretty, little ears

Hi, Mom and Dad :) Look at those digits!

Pretty spine, Ms.Emy!

Look at that BIG brain :) Smart like her daddy!
We had picked out Emy's name a long time ago... as soon as we knew there was a Baby H on the way. I had always loved the name Emersyn, and instead of being spelled "son" I wanted "syn" to make it a little girlier :) Ruth was my Memaw (mom's mom) and my great grandmother's (dad's grandmother) middle name. My Memaw passed away last July and I can only imagine what she would think of this sweet little girl, I just had  to include Memaw in our precious girl's name.
Lance and I are SO excited, Emersyn already has us both around her little finger. We can't wait to meet her, hold her, and rock her to sleep. We can't wait to read her books, play Barbies, paint fingernails, play dress up, curl her hair, and chase scary monsters out of her closets. We are even excited about the meltdowns, the drama, the sassiness, and the attitudes :) We aren't looking forward to the BOYS, the dates, the broken hearts, and our baby growing up. We just can't wait for Emersyn Ruth to be on this side of the womb :) 
My whole life I have wanted to be a mom, I had the best example growing up and have always wanted to be just like my mom. When I came to college, picking a major just seemed useless to me because I wanted to find a husband and be a mom :) I have ALWAYS wanted a little girl (boys are wonderful, too, and I can't wait for that little stinker to be in our life!), and I can't believe my ultimate dream is coming true. We have a beautiful, healthy little girl that will be here in about 5 months, even in all the turmoil of life, Emersyn makes everything perfect and beautiful. I just pray that I will be the mom she deserves, the Godly woman who sets an example of the person she wants to be when she grows up. Emersyn Ruth, you have no idea how much your mommy and daddy love you!

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  1. Very sweet post! So excited for you:) and I can't wait to hold Emy and buy her cute clothes:)