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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week 18

2 more weeks and we will be halfway to meeting sweet Emersyn! Baby girl has been moving a good bit and making mommy very tired! The past two weeks, I've been more exhausted than I ever was in the first trimester, hopefully this will pass soon so I can function again! Miss Emersyn is nearing the big 1 pound mark and should be there in the next couple of weeks :) 
Lance and I think about our sweet baby girl everyday and talk about how wonderful life will be when she is finally here. We have everything picked out for her arrival- her furniture, her bedding, everything her room will be decorated with, and her first outfits :) I am a huge planner and right now, I have no control over our present (which I am thankful for!), I can't plan anything, so I have started planning Emy's first year- I have birthday plans for the big 1 year party an outfit for every holiday in my mind, and I already am planning how we will decorate for Emy's first Christmas. Glad I have this out of the way, so when we know where we are moving, I won't have much to plan for Miss Emy :) 
We have started reading to our sweet girl. Emy's first book has been "God Made Puppies". We love reading this book to her, and Maximus and BoJackson love it just as much. All throughout the book, we relate the story to her big brothers and what a mess they are, to prepare Emy for when she gets here. She loves story time and will usually start moving around for us when we read.  Sweet, sweet girl, I am sure there will be many books and many story times in our future!
We pray everyday for guidance and strength, so we can hopefully try to be the wonderful parents Emersyn deserves. We are so ready to meet our sweet baby girl, but we definitely want her to cook a while longer!

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