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Sunday, July 17, 2011

22 weeks

Baby Emersyn is growing everyday! She has been a very active little girl, her daddy is still patiently waiting to feel his first kick. She gets shy around him and her brothers (or she is just terrified of some of the goofy sounds she hears when they are around!) We are counting down the days until we get to see our sweet girl again! 
This has been an exciting week for us. We got to visit my very best friend in the whole wide world yesterday, and tomorrow my mom is coming to stay for a whole week! My birthday is Friday, so right now my biggest problem is trying to remember how old I am and how far along I am with Emersyn- I will be 23 weeks on Thursday and 24 on Friday, those numbers are just way too close, I'll never get my age right :) This birthday has already proven itself to be far different from any others! The top item on my wish list is a diaper bag, and honestly I forget how close my birthday is because I am too busy counting down to our big ultrasound in August. I'm very excited for the future birthdays I will have when sweet Emy is here! 
We are marking things off the list to get ready for our sweet girl to arrive, I got her bedding order straightened out after it was put on back order for the SECOND time! Her sweet aunts are making sure she has plenty of headbands, huge flowers, and bows to put on that sweet head the minute she arrives, her Gran has her Christmas outfits covered until she is about 12 :), and everyone is just ready to love on this baby girl! With each day that passes, we get so excited that we are another day closer to her arrival. Today is exactly 4 months from Emersyn's due date :) 
I feel like the belly grows exponentially each second. Workouts are still the same, which I am very thankful for, and I have still been getting the cleaning spurts (Maximus and BoJackson aren't too thankful for those!). I have been so blessed with a very easy pregnancy, I thank God each day for this sweet blessing. The only issues I have are a very achy back and Lance has started calling me Darth Vader because, supposedly, I breath so heavily and loudly....I know, he needs to experience being pregnant! It's amazing to see and feel your body change each day, many times it is not very pleasant but it is SO worth it! Anything for you, Emersyn :) 

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