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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Miss You, Memaw

One year ago we watched one of the sweetest, most humble women make her voyage from this Earth to the gates of heaven. My Memaw was one of the most precious women I have ever know, and that's not just because she was Memaw :) If you ever knew her, you know what a mess she was. Our lives have been a lot more dull since she left us. She was a hoot to listen to, she never got names, phrases, or words right. We called her made up words and phrases "Metzi-isms" (all of her friends called her Metzi and when Luke and I were younger we just thought this was hilarious because it was not her real name at all, so between ourselves, we called her Metzi!) We still use some of her made up words today when we need a good laugh :) Mom used to always take her to the grocery store after she moved to Corner and mom would save Memaw's grocery lists to mail to me when I was having a bad day and needed a good laugh! Figuring out those grocery lists were a great puzzle, very good critical thinking activity :) 
One of the best memories that we will always have of Memaw came after I met Lance. Mom was telling Memaw about him and how I had just fallen in love with him. Memaw of course wanted to know all about him. Mom explained that he was in school getting his Doctoral degree in Engineering. A few days later, mom overheard her telling one of her friends over the phone that I had met this boy and he was so smart, he was in school and when he was done he could be a doctor or and engineer :) Lance loved this, and still tries to claim it to this day!
Oh, she was a mess and not a day goes by that I think of her and it puts a smile on my face. I miss her here, but wouldn't ask to have her back for anything. She suffered way too much on this earth, but she was a fighter and always had a good attitude. She loved us all, and we can't wait to see her again. Until that time comes, in case you missed it before, little Emersyn is going to carry on the Memaw legacy and be named after her. Memaw's middle name is Ruth and that is what Emersyn's middle name is, as well. Memaw's madness has seemed to be hereditary through mom and myself, I can't wait to see what Emersyn is like actually carrying on her name :) We have saved many things to tell Emy about Memaw, and we know she will get so many laughs from her Memaw's stories! Mom has been cleaning out Memaw's old house and saved many of her old accessories for Emy to play dress up in (Memaw was GAUDY- I got a lot of it, I'm sure Emy will be full fledged!) As much as I would love for her to be here to see sweet Emersyn, I know she knows all about her already :)

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