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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weeks 23 and 24 :)

No, I don't plan to start combining weeks, but the past couple of weeks have been quite exhausting for Emersyn's mommy :) Actually, for the second night in a row I am in bed and its 6:00 pm! Don't get too jealous, though, from 6pm-4 or 6 am I may get 2-3 good hours of sleep... baby girl has begun taking over and making it a little uncomfortable for her mommy, but that's fine, Emersyn is completely worth it! 
The past week has been so busy with so many fun things, they have just worn us all out :) My sweet parents came and spent last weekend with us for my birthday.  We had a wonderful time and got many things accomplished. Mom and I are currently working on invitations to Emy's baby shower that is coming up in September AND we found my belly a dress that I can wear for both Dr.Lance's Auburn graduation and the baby shower! Big win :) For my birthday, my sweet parents and husband surprised me with a delicious cookie cake and precious birthday gifts. I got my first card from my sweet angel, Emersyn :) She explained how sorry she was for the uncomfortableness (neither of us are really enjoying this time) but she couldn't wait to get here and see us...such a sweet girl! Along with my sweet gifts, Emersyn received her very first Coach purse, her first toothbrush (from Aunt Linnzie, of course!), and a precious set of Auburn dinnerware :) It continues to amaze me all of the love our sweet girl has already received. One of the sweetest girls I know made her a beautiful wreath with her name, and we got a precious crocheted blanket from another precious girl who works in Lance's lab here at Auburn. All the gifts are too sweet and we can't wait for our sweet girl to get here and use all of her prizes :)
Birthday cake :)

One of my birthday presents- Emersyn's diaper bag :) And Emersyn's present- her first Coach purse :)
BEAUTIFUL wreath made by the sweetest Morgan Fox :) We can't wait to display it!!
Sweet, sweet blanket :) Thank you, Amanda!

I can't believe we are at a 6 month mark now!! Wow, time is flying by! Emersyn is growing into such a big girl. We read to her often, and she has started quite the book collection :) This past weekend, my parents and Lance all felt Emersyn kick. She has gotten so big, that I feel every little movement now from our sweet girl. There is no guessing where those sweet little hands and feet are. This past week, baby girl found her mommy's ribs and has been loving them ever since...mommy tries to get her to move, but apparently that's a nice and comfy spot :) The biggest change we have had over the past couple of weeks is the difficulty to breathe! I don't know if my lungs don't have room to fully expand or what, but I can NOT breathe easily. Yes, Lance still refers to me as "Darth Vader" and it gets worse daily....poor, poor Lance! Pregnancy gives me very mixed emotions :) I just can't wait to hold our sweet girl! Every discomfort is completely worth it and I thank God for it everyday because without the knees to my ribs, lack of oxygen, or expanding belly there would be no Emersyn, and our sweet girl is already our world :) I am also beyond thankful for such a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby, I don't know how I ever did enough good to receive such a blessing, but I am so, very thankful! 
We don't have a belly pic for this blog, when I have energy to wash my hair and put some make-up on, we will get one :) I can explain it pretty well, though. The belly starts at about my chin and extends to my knees- my belly button loses real estate daily! It's about even with the belly around it....bye bye belly button!

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  1. Your belly button comment made me laugh. I've been saying the same thing. Just PRAYING it doesn't pop OUT! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Enjoy those movements inside of you! They are for a short time only!