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Thursday, August 11, 2011

26 weeks and BIG NEWS

We are moving right along, knocking out another week and getting one week closer to having our angel in our arms :) It's been a very exciting week! First, we had Emersyn's 4D ultrasound which we had to split into 2 appointments because sweet girl wanted to be shy and modest on our first attempt. For attempt #2, she couldn't resist all of the sugar and caffeine mommy had given her and girlfriend was loving the camera! I know we are a little partial, but her daddy and myself think Emy is absolutely beautiful and perfect! We are so in love with her sweet face and find ourselves just staring at her pictures and completely amazed at the little blessing she already is to us. Here are some of our favorite shots of our baby girl:

Is that the face of an angel or what? This is my favorite with those sweet puckered lips :)

This is her favorite position :) You would think she has NO room!

Lance and I keep arguing over who she looks like :) She has Lance's LONG legs and my big nose! She is perfect! We love you, Emersyn!! Here is her mommy's belly this week (I'm guessing those mile long legs are the reason for the enormity!) :

So, what is the BIG NEWS all about?? Well, let's back up a bit. I have to share the whole story so you can see how amazing God has worked through this situation and how he has blessed our little family. I've mentioned it on here before, but Lance and I have been praying very hard for guidance in his job situation. Lance graduated with his PhD this past weekend and finding a job has definitely been a chore. We have turned offers down because they weren't right, I have prayed Lance would hate certain interviews, we thought we would have to go to Wisconsin at one point, we have laughed, and we have shed many tears. Some days it has been REALLY hard but we have stood by our faith and known through this all God would provide. Emersyn changed our entire outlook on the job search. We gave up the adventure of it and started focusing on being close to family, insurance, and a good hospital for delivery. Nothing was working out, absolutely nothing. Every time we were completely out of options, something always came up that gave us a glimpse of hope. We went from having maybe 10 possibilities to zero in the matter of a couple of weeks. Lance was over-qualified for every position he applied for because the ones he would be qualified for were canceling job openings due to funding issues. I had many panic attacks and breakdowns, but thankfully we had each other and our faith. Over a month ago, Lance got a notification that he had been selected to interview at a nuclear facility in Dothan, AL. He went on the interview, wasn't crazy about it, and 2-3 weeks had passed and we heard nothing. We assumed he wasn't considered further. Last week, before graduation, a lady in human resources contacted him with an offer. It was lower than we expected, so Lance counter offered and they weren't budging much. We didn't know what to do, but neither of us felt "right" about accepting it. In the meantime, one of his main professors had added him on as a post-doc student which worked wonderfully because it gave Lance income and more experience. Lance turned the nuclear offer down and we held our breaths and prayed something would come along, preferably before Emersyn arrived. I started crunching numbers and time for insurance to stay covered through my delivery and post-partum recovery with baby girl because I do not have much leave to take from work. Insurance was turning into a mess and I was almost to the point of tears, especially considering I was going to have to return to work with a new baby which is something I have been trying my hardest to avoid- I just want to be a mom! I spent so many hours in prayer with tears rolling down my face because I just wanted to be able to stay at home and be a mom to our sweet new baby. It's all I have ever wanted to be, and it seemed so impossible! Well, this past Tuesday morning I had been on phone call after phone call with insurance companies and very little hope when I got a message from Lance that the HR lady from the nuclear plant had left him a message and wanted him to contact her asap. My heart sunk. I wanted to throw up. I had no idea what was about to happen, but I was also overcome with peace. Lance quickly sent me another message saying they had offered once again- this is after he had turned them down and walked away. This offer included bonuses which put the pay at an amount we could consider and live off of. Lance asked what I thought about it, I asked how he felt, and we agreed we didn't think we should pass this one up. We later found out, the second he starts work for the company me and my belly would be covered under his insurance plan! What I left out earlier is that Dothan has a fantastic hospital with a natural birth friendly approach to delivery- I had really fallen in love with this place when I was researching before the initial interview!  So, Lance accepted and we are headed to Dothan in the next couple of months! We are praying now a living situation will work itself out, and after watching God provide through this all, we have no doubts! We have found one location we really like, we hope we can correlate Lance's start date with the time it becomes available. The greatest part is that Lance, Emersyn, and I will all be together, she will have a nursery that I can sit in and wait for her to arrival, and I can hold my sweet baby girl every single day and not put her down if I never want to because she and her daddy will be my new job- and to me, that is perfection! We are very excited for this new chapter in our lives. I have found an OB group I want to use for the rest of our prenatal care and delivery, a sweet friend at work recommended a pediatrician today, I've been researching local gyms, and the beach is 90 minutes away :) Thank you, Lord, you are good!  I wouldn't take back the last 8-9 months for anything because it has been a battle that would either strengthen mine and Lance's marriage or leave it in ruins. It has brought us closer together than I knew was possible and I have fallen more in love with the man he has been through this than I thought I ever could. I am thankful for his determination and his priorities. I don't know what I did to deserve Lance or Emersyn but I am so grateful for their blessings in my life :)

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