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Thursday, August 25, 2011

28 weeks aka 3rd Trimester!

Happy 7 months/28 weeks/kick-off of the final trimester to our sweet little girl :) Baby Emersyn is between 14-15 inches long and she weighs about 2 1/2 pounds. Her favorite things to do this week are kick the fire out of her mommy, and that's just alright :) Sleep and comfort are over-rated, anyways! We are SO excited to finally hit this last big mark, the next one we will be holding Emersyn! It seems like so many things we have been waiting on and looking forward to are finally here. Lance, myself, and my sweet mother are making our trip to Dothan on Monday for Lance to complete all of his checks for work, my first doctor's appointment with our new OB, and hopefully find a sweet little home.  I wrote down all of our events coming up at the end of August and through September, I only work one 5 day week!! I'm off most Mondays for doctor appointments (since we are going every 2 weeks now!), we have baby showers coming up that I am taking the next day off for, and just all kinds of excitement as we get ready for our sweet angel to arrive!
Lance and I are so excited to start this new chapter in our sweet little family's life. We are excited to see what Dothan holds and so anxious to have baby girl in our arms :) We are praying for a smooth transition and an easy decision as we try to find a place to live the next year or more. We really cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by and how close we are to our due date- Emersyn has furniture, bedding, a travel system, enough clothes for her entire first year, and all the love in the world just waiting on her to get a little bigger and make her grand appearance. I can not wait to put her nursery together and just sit in our glider and wait on her to be here in my arms!
As far as mommy goes, I am officially a large person- a very large person. I feel enormous. My belly button literally doesn't have one more centimeter before it pops- so we are waiting, not so anxiously, on that to happen any day now. I don't sleep much and am very much looking forward to the move so I will have a recliner to sleep in when the left side of my body goes numb from not changing position all night because Miss Emersyn has a FIT if I roll over to my right side. Maximus sleeps right up against her every night and she kicks him all night long, I think he loves his sister! I have become much more snappy and vocal in the past couple of weeks. I noticed this at the gym the other day, I about had it with some meat-heads that kept thinking they could take over all the machines at one time and continued to get in my way- you don't get in a hasty pregnant lady's way! Raw meat has started to gross me out again, I can eat meat but I can't cook it or look at it without gagging. I stay pretty tired and say many silly things from the lack of brain function. Here is the "about to pop but still has 12 weeks to go" belly picture for the week.

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  1. You are HARDLY a large lady! You look perfect! Cheers to 3rd trimester! I'm right behind you! Hope to see pictures of a new house soon and a sweet nursery for a sweet little girl!