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Friday, August 19, 2011

27 weeks

We had another doctor's appointment yesterday morning to kick off a new week- Emersyn is doing great. She was flipping and moving and her heart rate was a high 150- you could tell she was exercising! Mommy, on the other hand, had a heart rate of about 1,000,000! It's been getting rough with baby girl getting bigger each day- the next 3 months will be interesting. My heart rate was up- higher than mine has ever been at rest, my bp was higher than it's ever been, and I have had the worst time trying to breathe! The doctor didn't seem concerned with heart rate or bp- they were both still normal or low for pregnancy, but like I said- higher than I like. He explained that the lack of breath was also normal, my diaphragm has about 1/6th of the area of expand that it had before a sweet little girl was taking up all the room in mommy's belly. He nicely said "You have no torso, and it's going to get worse, so just try and get comfortable." We have added an extra pillow under my head in the bed- next step is the recliner, I suppose. I have also given up on the idea of sleep. I haven't slept more than about 30 minutes at one time for the past week. The past 3 nights, I don't think I have slept more than an hour all together- cheer camps, youth camps, summer sleepover parties, and all-nighters from college have nothing on this exhaustion. I will be very relieved to get a couple hours at a time once our sweet girl gets here!
This morning was full of more surprises and feeling worse which led me BACK to the doctor's office. Blood pressure and pulse were up higher today than yesterday, and still no concern from the doctor. Emersyn gave a big kick when they went to get her heart rate which was 147 today :)  I, once again, tried to explain I am a marathoner and still teaching group fitness classes- I consider myself now in a hypertensive state. After today's visit, I have been very aggravated with the group of doctors I have been seeing and so much more anxious for our new doctor's appointment in Dothan on the 29th. I am convinced Lance is more of a qualified "doctor" to care for my pregnancy than some of the morons at the office I have been seeing.  Frustrating... but once again, perfect timing on God's end for an amazing nurse who got me an appointment sooner than I originally had planned in Dothan. I have my records from Auburn in hand and ready to move on!! Praying for a much better experience in 10 days :)
Although, this isn't the most fun I have ever experienced, I really don't mind as long as our sweet baby girl is healthy. Life changes so much when you realize the sweet miracle of such a precious baby growing inside of you. As long as Emersyn is growing and healthy, I can go without sleep or breathing for a few more weeks! And, sweet girl, is doing absolutely perfect!
No picture this week since I have been laid up in the bed trying to feel normal, but of course the belly is just a growing :)

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