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Saturday, August 6, 2011

25 weeks

Grab a snack and have a seat for this one! It's been an exciting week for baby Emersyn, her mommy, and her daddy! 
Part 1- 4D Ultrasound and Doctor's Appointment
This past Thursday, on our 25 week date, we had an appointment for a 4D ultrasound to see our sweet girl. My parents and brother were all in Auburn for the visit, we were so excited. As soon as the tech put the little wand to my belly and trying to get a good angle of our baby girl, she said "uh oh, someone is not cooperating today!" We pushed on her, I turned from side to side, her daddy talked to her. Little girl wasn't budging!! At first she was in a perfect "pike" position with her knees to her face and her hands in fists wrapped around the back of her legs :) After we aggravated her a little bit, she unfolded and put her hands over her face! What a little stinker. For a very few seconds she quit facing my spine and gave us a peek of her sweet face and we were able to get a few images of her precious face- she has my nose, and I'm actually convinced she looks just like me :) She has her daddy's 10 mile long legs and girlfriend has some feet on her as well! We have another appointment on Tuesday to see if we can get some better pictures. I'll post the pictures then- just a warning, she's beautiful :)
Since the ultrasound, we just sit around and stare at her sweet little pictures all day, it makes it seem even more real knowing what she looks like! We just love our girl so much!!
Friday I had a doctor's appointment and sugar test. Passed the glucose test with flying colors, my iron was great, Emersyn measured perfect, blood pressure was fantastic, and I'm getting huge! That's the jest of the appointment :) Doctor Smith said everything was perfect right on track of where we should be- now our appointments with him are every 2 weeks- Eek!! Slow down!!! 

We decided to change scenery, and get a shot of Emy in front of Samford Hall- she just LOVES Auburn :)
Part 2- Lance's PhD Graduation!
Yes, Lance graduated today (August 6th) as a doctor! We are so proud of him! This makes degree #4, and surely he is done now :) We had a wonderful time celebrating such a huge accomplishment for him, he has worked so hard and is so smart. 
One of our favorite jokes about Lance's doctorate came from my memaw. Soon after we met and introduced Lance to her, we told her he was working on his doctorate in engineering. She proceeded to tell all of her friends that I was marrying this boy and when he finishes school he can be a doctor or an engineer :) Sweet lady! Since then, Lance always jokes that he is a (medical) doctor, so for graduation we found him a stethoscope... he had fun with that! Hopefully it will be a fun story to tell Emy one day, and she will know what a mess her great grandmother was as well!
Lance, we are SO proud of you!!! Here are a few graduation pictures:

Part 3- Baby brother moves in!
Not only baby brother, but also baby brother's best friend- Lance and I gained two roommates- Luke and Taylor. We love them dearly,  and I love all the time we will get to catch up, however it's definitely not ideal with a baby on the way! Months ago when we started talking about the possibility, Lance and I were positive we would be out of Auburn by August- it's August and we have nothing! This would be a great reality show  (hint, hint) as I am sure we will have many interesting days ahead! And Taylor is a great photographer (we used his AWESOME camera for all of the graduation pictures) we love having him around :) Really, we love them both so much and are so excited they are in Auburn, we are just so ready to be out and done, though! But, seriously, just pray a job situation unfolds for the Haney's, we are trusting in God's plan and just trying to be as hopeful as we can that this will unfold before Emersyn arrives- yes, I have started having panic attacks, but I also have a lot of faith. Please, Lord, lead us in your path!

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