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Monday, September 12, 2011

30 Weeks and Our Big Move

We finally hit the 30s and what a week it has been!! Sweet Emersyn has been a very active little girl and growing like a weed!! We had her 30 week doctor appointment today, and in the past 2 weeks mommy has gained about half a pound while baby girl has done 4 weeks worth of growing! 2 weeks ago, Emy measured perfectly at 28 weeks, today (at 30 weeks), our little stinker measured 32! It's a good thing we have her bedroom furniture assembled and in place, mommy better get busy washing clothes and preparing the big brothers :) Our appointment went beautifully. By surprise, we got to see our sweet angel on the ultrasound machine and she was just a  moving around for us! My stats looked perfect and Emersyn's heart rate was in the 130s. Her little head is buried in my right hip, her hiney is behind my belly button and those long legs are all over the place.  My belly is very lop-sided from baby girl having her little body 90% placed on the right side of my belly! We absolutely LOVE our sweet doctor even more after today's visit. She is such an answered prayer! 
Our doctor's visit was just icing on the cake to a perfect week 30! Lance and I spent the week packing up everything in Auburn that could make the move to Dothan and just left behind necessities to survive a few days living on the plains. My precious parents had the majority of our things stored at their house and they spent every hour of the week packing up and getting ready to move Lance and I. I don't know what we would have done without them, they took care of all of the hard work, arranged for a U-Haul and movers, and stayed in Dothan to help us unload and settle in. They definitely earned their elderly care this weekend :) Mom, Dad- we love you so much and have no idea what we would do without you, THANK YOU! My mother's precious friend, Mrs.Cathy (without her we wouldn't have found the realtors and ended up with our sweet home) made the drive down to help mom continue to unpack and clean after Lance and I had to leave to come back to Auburn this afternoon. We are so blessed! 
The house is perfect! I got to re-open all of our wedding gifts and put them away, it felt like Christmas morning :) Our bedroom came together perfectly, Emersyn has a room full of beautiful furniture, the guest room (mom and dad's room) is in place, and our sweet puppies had the greatest time running all over their huge new backyard! Lance and I can't wait to get back there permanently and stay in our new house! 
My favorite part of the trip was finally having a room together for sweet Emerysn. We still have a lot to do, but the furniture is put together and in place and is absolutely beautiful. Lance and dad worked so hard on it and did a fantastic job. Her bedding is in the closet with hundreds of outfits and craft projects, we just have to get a mattress and some free time and everything will be together :) Here are some pictures from our week of excitement (and I failed to mention Emersyn did make Auburn game #2 :) Another game like that and we may have a baby! War Eagle!)

Emy girl's second Auburn game :) She LOVED it!

Emersyn's crib and changing table, compliments of daddy and Peeps :)

Yes, very crooked, but this is my favorite piece of baby girl's furniture- her hutch :) I can't wait to fill it with goodies!

This is the empty space for our glider and ottoman

Craft project :) All of these rose buds are going to cover the lamp shade they are in for Emersyn's room

Emersyn's rug Gran couldn't resist :)

Here is a new house picture, my favorite part :) 
Woah, Emy belly! This was on the way to teach Attack :)


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  1. I love you sweet girl cant wait to come back to dothan and hold sweett emersyn