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Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Football Season, Baby Emersyn

This past weekend kicked off one of my favorite times of year (I think it is tied with Christmas holding the #1 spot!)- Auburn football :) This year was extra special- it is Emersyn's first football season! Of course, she will arrive towards the end of the season, but baby girl knows what is going on when she is inside Jordan-Hare stadium. She moved the entire time we were at the game this past Saturday, such a sweet little tiger :) We had a fantastic day with daddy, Gran, Peeps, and football! We are both very much looking forward to round two this coming weekend against Mississippi State, we have our blue ready!
Lance and I are convinced Emersyn will LOVE Aubie, I think we will be absolutely crushed if she is one of those children who cry around him. She has 2 Aubies that will always be around her, Aubie outfits, and we have Aubie books and blankets picked out for her before we leave Auburn. Aubie will just be part of life for her, we will make sure of it :) She can cry in Santa and Easter bunny pictures all she wants, but I think we will have a proud parent moment when she runs toward Aubie for the first time! 
War Eagle, baby Emersyn! 

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