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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy EIGHT months :)

Emersyn has had a very exciting week with only more excitement to come in the next few days. This past weekend, we traveled back to my hometown for her first baby shower :) It was lovely. It was amazing to see how loved this little girl already is! We had a WONDERFUL time seeing so many people who are so dear to us and catching up with some best friends. Emersyn got very spoiled with tons of sweet little outfits, blankets, and goodies. I can't wait to get to our new home in Dothan this weekend and get everything in her sweet room!

The lovely decorations

This wasn't really a shower gift, but we had to display it :) This will be the first outfit Emersyn wears once she arrives!

I made the cupcakes :) We had chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and red velvet

This is my favorite picture of the day :) Two of my sweet friends loving on little Emersyn!

My precious mom and sweet baby :) Isn't mom's jacket hot?!
More decor :)
31 week and 4 days :)

Emersyn has grown so much the past couple of weeks, I feel every single little move little big girl makes :) She likes to play all hours of the day, and she REALLY likes bodypump. I have no idea when sweet Emersyn sleeps unless she dances in her sleep :) She is obviously running out of room and trying to make more, and poor girl just doesn't have it!  Each week that passes is so exciting because we are getting so close to meeting our precious baby.  I can't believe it's almost that time :) Emersyn, I hope you know how much mommy and daddy love you and can't wait to meet you!
This next week will be a lot of excitement and adjusting for both Lance and I. He starts work in Dothan, and after my doctor's appointment on Monday, I will be heading back to Auburn to work for 3 more weeks before permanently moving and beginning my retirement as a working woman :) I am VERY excited for my new career as a stay at home mom/domestic engineer. I have been fine tuning my skills recently with a lot of baking and diy project ideas!   It will be very strange not coming home to Lance every evening, and I have slightly worried he may starve :) I'm sure it will only make us more thankful for what we have when we are together! 
I am very anxious for my doctor's appointment to see how Emy is growing, last time she was a couple weeks ahead of herself :)  After this appointment, we could start our weekly visits! WOW!  Just hearing her sweet heart beat makes everything in the world stop for a second and seem so perfect and wonderful, I look forward to those few seconds between each appointment!

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