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Monday, September 26, 2011

Emersyn and Nursery Update

I was in Dothan this weekend with Lance as he was getting ready to start work this week- my mission was Emersyn's nursery! Progress had to be made, and all of her prizes from 2 baby showers had to be delivered. I felt like quite the accomplished mama by this morning :) I had everything unpacked, all of her clothes washed and in drawers or in the closet, her bedding washed and on her bed, and everything in the general vicinity of where it needs to be :) Now, there is still a LOT to be done and a ton of organizing to do, but this weekend, I made a huge dent in it. The only part left to put in her nursery is her glider and ottoman which we ordered yesterday and should be in within the next week or two :) Here are some shots of her nursery in progress:
Baby girl's bedding- her daddy insisted Aubie stay on top of her bed :) Sweet dreams, Aubie!
Emersyn's quilt

Inside bedding

This bare spot is where the glider and ottoman will go, the lamp shade is the roses project :)

Precious hutch starting to fill up with goodies

This is a messy area, but I love the shadow box with my AND Emersyn's coming home outfit displayed :)

Changing table all ready for a little girl :) The lack of diaper and wipe organization hurts my eyes!

 The hardest part of this trip was #1 leaving our puppies in Auburn while we made the trip and #2 leaving Lance in Dothan for his new job while I came back to Auburn to work for 3 more weeks. I cried leaving Auburn and leaving Dothan, it was rough but it is very temporary. I can't wait for me, my belly, the puppies, and Lance to all be in Dothan in together and no one to have to leave! 
The best part of the trip was my doctor's appointment :) I saw one of the other doctors in the group (it's a small group of 3) and he was absolutely wonderful! He brought in the portable ultrasound machine so I could see sweet Emersyn again and she was even more perfect than before- sweet baby has the cutest, fattest little cheeks! Technology is amazing! We were able to see her heart beating and her practicing breathing. The doctor had absolutely nothing but perfect things to say about Emersyn- he said she looks perfect and like one of the healthiest babies he has ever seen! I was such a proud mama :) I was thrilled to know she is finally head down and in position to meet mommy and daddy! She has both hands up by her face which I feel her moving all throughout the day, one foot is below my sternum and the other is in my side. He zoomed in when she was feeling less modest and once again confirmed she is 100% girl! Even in black and white and looking slightly alien-ish, I think Emersyn is the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen! Mommy can't wait to see that sweet face on this side of her belly, Emy! That made for a perfect day! We have another appointment in 2 weeks, then we move to weekly visits. Time is ticking, and we can't wait to meet our baby girl!

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