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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

33 Weeks

Yes, less than 24 hours left in our 33rd week and I am just getting around to piecing together a blog :) It's been a little busy... However, this has been a very accomplished week! I FINALLY decided on a newborn-1 year photographer for sweet Emersyn (and mommy's big belly pictures...) which was a HUGE relief, scheduled a couple of classes at the hospital, and got the last few things together to finish baby girl's room. I have a week and a half left in Auburn, Lance has been in Dothan the past week and a half- it's been crazy and we are so ready to have everyone under the same roof again!
We have a doctor's appointment on Monday to check on sweet Emersyn which I am very excited for :) I love hearing that sweet heartbeat and getting updates on her progress.
Nothing too new to update on mommy, my belly gets bigger each day (still no belly button popping...whew!) I have been staying hungry recently, I contemplated eating a second breakfast this morning! Still exercising everyday, and just waiting on one sweet little girl's arrival :)
Hopefully we will have a little more to say next week :)

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