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Monday, October 17, 2011

35 weeks

We only have a couple of days left in our eighth month :) Tomorrow we start weekly appointments and progress checks on this little girl- SO exciting!
This has been a very busy week (which has been our new norm and we don't expect anything less anytime soon!) I am FINALLY settled in our new home :) Well, I don't know if I am settled yet, there are too many boxes for me to call myself settled but I'm here living permanently! It is so nice. I've been trying to make this a "home" with special touches and projects in every room, and always doing something to get ready for sweet Emersyn. The puppies love their new home and their extra large backyard that they can run and play in all day long! 
Now that I am in Dothan and no longer live in Auburn, it has made me think a lot about all the precious years I spent there. I moved to Auburn in August of 2005, I have been there over 6 years (and back then if you would have asked, I was going to be out in less than 4)! I moved to Auburn a BABY, I left a mommy. I learned so much while I was there, I discovered who I was, I became independent, I learned balance, and selflessness. I did really dumb things and made horrible decisions, but I learned through them all. I have so many memories that I can sit around and chuckle at all day- my poor parents lost many nights of sleep I'm sure. I had flat tires, accidents, I pulled my bumper off in the middle of a parking lot. I would get up and run all alone at 4 am (dumb, I know), then I learned the value of a taser :) Somehow I managed to come out with a degree, a husband, 2 sweet puppies, and a precious girl on the way- I did something right :) Auburn is more than a football weekend or a school I attended, it is a hometown. I love that place and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Maybe, just maybe we will get to be back one day! 
I have been VERY uncomfortable the past few days. Sleep no longer exists, and I am learning to function very well without it. Even when I can dose off, these sweet little punches in my belly wake me up :) My back kills ( I can't wait for some chiropractor visits in my post-partum life!) and I waddle because everything is so off balance. My feet hurt at the end of the day and I am VERY emotional and hostile. I cried last night when Lance asked me about laundry and I almost picked a fight with the cashier at Hobby Lobby Just be nice if you are around me :) I can still breathe very easily, my ankles are the same size they have always been and this sweet angel in my belly is super healthy, so the waddling, emotions, and exhaustion are welcome. 
We enjoyed what could be our last football game with Emersyn in my belly this past weekend. It was so much fun. We are already prepared for next year's tailgating season :) Emersyn has an orange and blue pack n play and her Peeps has began discussing adding on to the tailgate! We can't wait to add her to our weekend traditions. Lance and I walked to J and M bookstore in downtown Auburn this past Saturday while I was having some rough back cramps to get him another shirt, we left with 2 new goodies for Emersyn...and nothing for Lance. She is such a daddy's girl, Lance finally looked at me and said "We have to get out of here, I can't stop when it comes to Emersyn". Rotten rotten rotten! She is so loved, I can't wait to see her sweet face! Here is my 35 week belly, it's growing rapidly and so is the little girl living there :)

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