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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What week is this again?

Ahh.. yes, 34 :) Yeah, it's been one of those weeks/months so far! I am FINALLY in the final countdown to living in Dothan with my sweet husband. 3 days of work and a football weekend stand between us and what we will call a normal family life again! I. AM. SO. READY! Then, we can wait on our sweet angel to arrive :)
This past weekend I was in Dothan, and it was adventurous, for lack of better terms. The puppies and I arrived around lunchtime on Saturday after I taught one more Attack class :) Lance and I had lunch and went to look for furniture. It's hard to get things done when you don't know much about a new place... We looked at one place and found a sectional (we were looking for living room furniture since it has been BARE!) we liked, but when we went back home to measure again, we couldn't imagine how it would fit and look right. I had seen another furniture store, so we headed out again- turns out this was kind of a ghetto place and thankfully was closed :) Whoops! We kept looking and I remembered another shop I had seen on my way in earlier that day. Of course, Lance was not really looking forward to another one of my suggestions, we tried and were very glad we did! We found a beautiful living room set- furniture, YAY! Since we did so well on furniture, Lance pampered himself with a new, huge tv :)We had dinner and watched a sad Auburn game :( War Eagle even on the bad days!
Sunday morning we got Lance's groceries for the week and made it our goal to be lazy and do nothing all day. We had been waiting to hear on Emersyn's glider that should have been delivered last week. We ordered it from Babies R Us and were told it would be in in 7-14 days (Sunday was day 14). We called the store and they apparently had their information mixed up when they sold it to us- it was going to take 10-12 weeks to get it in! HELLO- we will have a baby way before then! Needless to say, we will NEVER buy another thing from Babies R Us and have filled complaints. I felt sick. We have a back up as soon as that purchase is refunded! DRAMA...but lesson learned :) 
Monday morning was busy busy busy! I had the internet man at the house at 8, I had a doctor's appointment at 9:15 and the furniture was being delivered around 11. Somehow, I managed to get all of that accomplished and at one point had a house full of delivery/fix-it men! Me and the pups were heading back to Auburn as soon as everything was done. We had left Dothan and were about 20 minutes from the house when a lovely 18 wheeler side-swiped us banging up the Pilot. It was awful and so scary. He didn't stop. I pulled in the first parking lot I could see to call Lance. It was awful, both passenger side doors will be replaced, and the alignment was knocked way out of line. The police and insurance were wonderful, and my sweet husband rescued us and saved the day. At the end of it all, I was just thankful sweet Emersyn, myself, and the precious puppies are all fine- the car can be fixed. We worked out a rental car, but the pups and I got to stay with daddy an extra day, even with the circumstances we were thankful for the extra time together. 
Today, the pups and I had to come back to Auburn. It was awful, I was a wreck the entire drive, plus it rained on us the entire way! Thankfully, we made it back and are here for a few short days then those trips will be obsolete! I had a nice relaxing day to unwind with two sweet puppies and one active little girl. 
As far as little Emersyn goes, she is healthy and moving all over the place. She measured perfectly at her appointment, and we start weekly appointments now! Wow! I had my first share of contractions Sunday and today, those aren't too comfy :) I haven't been feeling too great, I'm hitting that large and miserable stage but it is so worth it! All the uncomfortableness just means one thing- we are getting closer to having a little girl in our arms! Mommy and daddy are so ready, sweet Emersyn, come on when you get ready!

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