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Thursday, October 27, 2011

37 weeks aka FULL TERM!

Alright, 37 weeks- from what I know if a baby is born after the 37 week mark they are no longer considered a premature birth and are marked as  full term... Emersyn, I wish you knew that :) COME MEET MOMMY AND DADDY! I have never been the one to have a ton of patience, waiting on a baby only makes it worse. I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, everything looked great, Emy has dropped more, still dilated only 1 lousy centimeter. The best thing was hearing the doctor say "If you were to go into labor now, we would not do anything to stop it- she is ready!" I am giving her 1 week exactly. Next Thursday, November 3rd, we will be 38 weeks. If little girl has not progressed at our next doctor's appointment, I am grabbing some Depends and my running shoes and running until this baby comes :) 
After our hospital visit this week, we took a tour of the birthing suites- very, very nice. This hospital is focused on mom-baby centered care. They have nurseries if you want to use them, but otherwise the baby stays in the mom's room which is where Emersyn will be every second. I don't care about needing sleep or any other excuses, I am prepared to not sleep for the next 18 years and once Emersyn gets here I don't want her in anyone's care but my own. I am thankful for nursery nurses and their expertise, I am terrified if my sweet girl is not in my site, someone may give her a bottle or paci and that makes me want to cry just thinking about it. 
We also met with a pediatrician on Monday, she was wonderful. I am OCD about my child if you haven't gathered it already, I'm kind of a hippie, and I'm ok with that. I don't like medicine, I will breastfeed Emersyn only, and this doctor agreed and thought that was wonderful :) We meshed very well. Plus, she is an Auburn grad ;) I feel like we are finally knocking all the essentials out to getting this little girl here!
I have mine and Emersyn's hospital bags packed (I think Lance may leave out clothes from his to make room for snacks) and am just waiting...waiting.... and waiting on any sign this little girl is about to make her entrance. I get really excited when I start thinking she can come at any time now, then I get really terrified. I have never had a baby, I don't know what to expect, and you only hear horror stories about birth. I still can't tell you what a contraction is because I have no idea when I have them! I know I will stick to my birth plan as long as some awful emergency doesn't arise (which we are praying does NOT happen) because I am extremely hard headed. I keep reminding myself of all the things I have done that were not easy or comfortable (like running marathons with cracked hips :) ), I know I did none of these on my own. I know bringing this sweet little gift into the world will be no different. I pray everyday for strength and courage. I have also been blessed with a ridiculous pain tolerance and am hoping to use it to my advantage during birth. I have plenty of reasons to remind myself why I do NOT want any drugs or medications during birth. You may think I am crazy, but this is what I want to do and have been committed since before I knew I was pregnant. 
Fun news of the week is that Emersyn's room is FINISHED!! 1 week ago, bags and boxes still covered her floor, now it is ready for a little girl. I have even finished all of the little details and projects I deemed necessary while her daddy thought I was crazy (he loves it now!!).  Here are all her sweet nursery pictures, I love this little room and can sit in it all day long :) 
Walking in to Emersyn's sweet room
We FINALLY filled the glider hole, still waiting on the ottoman... But I love this sweet room. I can sit in it all day!

Daddy hung her mirror, mom and I finally found storage baskets to match the liners. LOVE her sweet toy box. We are still waiting to get her window treatments...surprise- they are pink :)
Love this little chair!
YAY! Our final craft project :) My sweet mom helped me conquer this task. I love it!

 We love this sweet little space! Every morning before Lance leaves for work, he says "You have all my contact numbers if Emersyn decides to come today!" Then, every evening when he gets home, he talks to her and begs her to come the next day :)We can't wait! Any day now, little girl, we are ready when you are!

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  1. Wow!!! it's getting so close! I know it's scary, not knowing what's about to happen. But you will be just fine. You can do this! I had contractions for a week and had NO IDEA that's what they were. I, too, have a high tolerance for pain. That's why I'm certain that you will do great! I'll be thinking about you and waiting for good news! :)