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Sunday, October 30, 2011

37 1/2 Weeks :)

Since we are growing so impatient for our sweet little girl to arrive, I am hoping we won't make it another FULL week...hence, 1/2 week updates :) 
I am officially over the "I'm terrified of labor" phase and have moved on to the "I don't care how awful/grueling/painful it is, I want to hold my sweet baby" phase! No, I'm not desperate enough to hope for induction- that is NOT part of our birth plan unless we are MANY days overdue, but I just really want this little girl on this side of my belly. I have been really uncomfortable today, I am hoping that is a sign little Emersyn is getting ready to meet us :) Lance and I have been begging her all weekend to come out of mommy's belly :) Even her puppy brothers are getting impatient! I have been trying to exhaust my energies with craft projects and baking. I have wreaths for every occasion and finally got window treatments up in our dining area. It caught up a little this weekend- I took 2 naps yesterday after sleeping 12 hours Friday night! Yep, I'm rested, let's start labor :) Here is my favorite project- the window treatments and centerpiece. I'm pretty proud of both. There was no inspiration for the centerpiece, it came from my head :) The window treatments, pinterest of course! 
Dining area
This is a close-up of the material. It came together perfect with the table arrangement

Since we found out on June 6, 2011, that our family was going to be blessed with a little girl, I have been on top of the world. I had so much to do to get ready for her little arrival and it has kept me pretty busy. Now, everything is ready and we are just waiting, the absolute hardest part. It will be completely worth it when she is finally here, it just seems like everyday is taking forever. Emersyn, one day when you can read this I hope you know how excited mommy and daddy are to meet you! You are a little dream come true for your mommy and the best surprise of your daddy's life, we can't wait to look at your sweet face in person and not on an ultrasound machine. We can't wait to watch your sweet little arms and legs move freely and wonder how you moved in mommy's belly. We can't wait to count your sweet fingers and toes and give you too many kisses. And, of course, we can't wait to tell you how much we love you over and over and over again! We are all ready for you, little girl! Join us when you are ready!
Here is what mommy and daddy have done this weekend:
The car is packed and ready! Look at that sweet, tiny Feltman Brothers dress :) The matching hair bow is in her bag :)
Ready for a little girl
The hospital bags ready and waiting...come on Emy!
Lance and I thought this would be fun to post... our first belly pic (please! there was no belly!) and tonight's belly shot...kind of amazing.
This was at 11 weeks, I thought I was ENORMOUS
And 37 1/2 weeks! Now, that is ENORMOUS :) But completely worth it!

Maybe we won't make it to 38, but if we do, we will update again then :)

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