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Friday, October 21, 2011

Mommy being crafty

It has been a VERY busy week getting ready for little Emersyn. Since our doctor's appointment earlier this week, I have been extremely uncomfortable. I decided it was crunch time to get ready for our sweet girl. I have been busy crafting around the clock because I can't bring her home to an unfinished room or no hairbows for that sweet little head :) I've been making hair bows, headbands, letters, hair bow holders, and we have a lamp shade in progress. I also can't stand an unfinished and unpacked house, so I have also been sorting through boxes and trying to get the new home decorated. It has been busy, but so much fun ;) 
Here are some pictures of all the fun crafts I have been working on. (I'm begging daddy to buy me and Emersyn a really good camera, so for now excuse the poor quality :) )

I have been planning this and trying to decide how I wanted to make these letters forever, then the indecisiveness began and I could not decide on anything. Finally, I just bought supplies and did it and love them :) 

Hair bows :)   
Hair bow holder
Gran and I teamed up on this one :) She made Emersyn's Thanksgiving outfit and I made the bow to match
This was an outfit from Gran that we just love, so I made a matching bow :)

Alright, Emy-girl, mommy finally feels almost ready for your little arrival :)

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