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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NINE months :)

Finally, finally, finally :) We are in the home stretch with baby girl and what an exciting week it has been! I have mastered my new profession as a housewife and stay at home mom- I'm a crock pot queen, craft connoisseur, and have perfected the ability to do about 1,000 things at one time :) I'm even getting this blog written a day EARLY! Go me :) I have never been so busy or tired and this little girl isn't even here yet, but I absolutely LOVE it! This is so much fun.
We had a doctor's appointment this past Tuesday that began weekly appointments and progress checks. I was shocked to find out we are 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I was thrilled! My doctor asked if I had been having contractions, I told her I didn't think so which had me worried because I knew I should have felt some at this point. Well, best news of the day was apparently I had been having a good many contractions and I had no idea- hooray for a ridiculously high pain tolerance! I still have NO idea what these contractions are supposed to feel like, I'm SURE I will know soon enough :) Come on, baby girl, do your thing and come meet mommy and daddy (not too soon of course, but in a couple of weeks, you could get a good start!)
In other mommy, daddy, and baby news- we had maternity pictures made this week. We are very excited to see how they turned out. We have a fantastic photographer to take Emersyn through her first year of pictures :) After pitching enough fits, we finally have our glider (still no ottoman) but I still highly recommend to NEVER shop at Babies R Us!!! It is beautiful, though, and just what I wanted. Emersyn's projects for her room are coming right along and I am so excited about sitting in her room and making hair bows :) Ah, the simple things. 
Well, happy NINE months to our sweet baby girl. We can not wait to meet you and kiss your sweet face. We pray for you and your heart daily, you are our sweet angel!

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