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Thursday, November 3, 2011

38 weeks

Yes, we made it ANOTHER week... I keep reminding myself how thankful I am that little Emersyn is a healthy girl and not being born pre-term with health issues. This girl should be healthy and perfect by the time we get her here! I do still REALLY want her to get here. She has to be getting ready...surely!
I have commenced to wives tales I swore I wouldn't out of desperation. Even though I have exercised my tail off this entire pregnancy, I have been walking miles upon miles to try and speed little girl up. We had eggplant for dinner last night. And we just sit around and wait. Lance keeps begging his precious girl to please come out and meet us, she is showing us both who is boss ;) Even at my doctor's appointment this past Tuesday, the doctor talked to her and begged her to not make it to her next appointment in her mommy's belly! 
Speaking of doctors, we settled on a pediatrician for little Emersyn. We met with one last week and one this week. Last week went great, I loved everything the doctor said but it was a very unorganized and rushed appointment. Lance and I both felt like we were an inconvenience to the doctor and staff. Then, our second appointment was Monday. We walked in and were greeted by a nurse who gave us a complete tour of the building and answered any questions we had about scheduling, hours, visits, referrals, etc. Then, we met with the doctor who talked to Lance and I for as long as we wanted, he shared more information than we even asked to know. We loved him and both just knew that is who Emersyn's pediatrician would be. We are now looking forward to letting her meet our choice :)
We don't have much news other than this for the week. We really just wait on Emersyn all day, everyday :) I go to the gym, I walk, and cook eggplant. Sometimes things get exciting and we time contractions for a few hours. I waddle a lot, take many naps, and make hair bows all day. Everything is in place and ready for this little girl, we just need her to make that decision it's time to come! Happy 38 weeks, little girl!

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