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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

38 weeks 5 days

We had a very eventful doctor's visit today, so hopefully we are on our last few days of this countdown! Right now, we are pretty sure I am having back labor and my mother just gave me a pencil and paper pad with specific instructions of how to keep up with these contractions :) Anyways, back to the doctor appointment...
Let me start by saying I absolutely adore my doctor, she is such a blessing! She always has the sweetest personality and is just as anxious to get this baby here as I am, but she knows I want a natural birth. She could have set me up for an induction today, but didn't even offer it. She performed a procedure that separates the amniotic sac from the bottom of the uterus to help induce labor naturally. It causes the dilation and effacement of the cervix to speed up. Our doctor said that if this does promote labor, we should be in labor within 24-48 hours! She explained all of this before our exam, I wasn't expecting anything from the exam because I have not been having contractions. She first measured and my belly measured at 36.5 weeks which did not fit the almost 2 lb weight gain! This is because little girl has dropped into my pelvis so the measurements aren't as accurate, but it's a good sign that little girl is finding her way out! She then examined, we are about 70% effaced and 2 cm dilated before she stripped the membranes. After that, she told me to go ahead and make an appointment for next week but she should definitely not see me then but before in labor :) Yay! Come on Emersyn girl!! 
I have been summoned to the old chair instead of the new couches in case my water breaks ;) Between Lance, my dad, and sweet brother- the anxiety is ridiculous! Luke needs her to wait and come Thursday night, it fits well with his schedule :) Dad called on his way back from Atlanta today wanting to know if he should take the interstate to Dothan or to Birmingham! It's a lot of pressure on a pregnant girl who has never been in labor or had a baby before to give everyone ample notice! 
Maybe something will progress soon and we can get ready to welcome our sweet girl!

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