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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Due Date

Why, hello November 17th! I was just positive we would have a baby by this point, but no such luck. Little girl is just as stubborn as she can be and not planning on arriving anytime soon :) 
We had a doctor's appointment today and my doctor performed the same procedure she did last week where she separated the amniotic sac from the uterus hoping this time it would really induce labor. We have now tried everything! If this little girl doesn't make her appearance by Monday, we are going in to start on pitocin ( I refuse to call it "being induced"). Two weeks ago, I would have not been ok with this and fought it, today I really don't care. Emersyn and I are fighting each other for room and I think we are both miserable! I know we have done everything possible to avoid any intervention, it's just not happening. I am still holding out hope until Monday morning, but even if nothing else brings this little girl out I am thrilled that in less than 5 days she will be in my arms! I did have questions and my doctor did make me feel very comfortable that this would be easy and a success. She said everything looked very favorable for an easy and quick delivery with pitocin if it does come to that. I will also be able to move around in the room, so I won't be confined to a bed which helps a lot. So, by Monday our sweet angel will be here! Does anything ever really go as planned? No, so we are just going to make the best out of this. I am still avoiding pain medications at all costs- it's not worth it, so I will be getting into my superwoman mode over these next few days :)
Until our sweet girl's arrival, I will be baking away (just like I have the past week). I want Emersyn to have a birthday cake as soon as she is born (of course she will have no idea for probably 10 years the significance, but maybe then she will appreciate it :) ) so I have everything ready to go for a birthday cake to take to the hospital with us. We will share it with everyone who helps bring our angel into the world. I already had a great demo last week when we THOUGHT we were having this baby, so yes it will be delicious. 
We are counting down the days, I hope we are ready :)

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