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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

At home with baby Emersyn

Complete perfection. That is the best way I can describe what having our sweet girl at home is like. She is so sweet! We just love holding and loving on her, she has the most precious personality already. She LOVES to eat, and spends most of her day doing just that. I don't mind one bit because that means I get to hog her and have a perfect excuse :) The rest of the time it is just a fight of who gets to hold her. I haven't tried any kind of schedule with Emersyn and don't really care to at this point, she eats when she is hungry then falls asleep. She does pretty well with staying awake after she eats during the day and we LOVE playing with her. Her favorite time is between midnight and around 4 or 5 am. She loves to cluster feed during this time, sleep a few minutes in between, and sometimes may want to play a little. Then, she sleeps for a good 4-5 hour stretch before waking again. Then, she eats very frequently throughout the rest of the day. 
She isn't loving baths yet, but does seem to enjoy having her hair washed. She loves looking at her Uncle Luke and thinks her daddy is so silly! She hates being swaddled because her arms aren't free, she will pitch a fit until her arms can punch around freely. She doesn't cry (well, she doesn't ever have to) but has an awful, pitiful little squeal she lets out when she isn't happy and it absolutely breaks my heart. She makes the sweetest little faces and the biggest, sweetest eyes that will melt your heart. She has long runner legs and long, skinny fingers. She is so tiny and sweet, it amazes me how much more I love her everyday. I never knew I was capable of loving anyone as much as I do little Emersyn. 
Maximus and BoJackson are still trying to figure her out. At first, Maximus would refuse to acknowledge her- it broke my heart. Bo thinks she is pretty neat, but gets frantic when she gets fussy. He will pace the entire house until she calms down. They love to sit in her room with me- Max in the chair with me and Emersyn and Bo curls up on the ottoman. Today, Max finally looked at Emersyn so I think we are making progress :) 
I hold Emersyn and wonder how in the world I made it all these years without her. She has added more to mine and Lance's life than we ever imagined. I am so grateful for such a healthy little girl. When we left the hospital, she had passed every screening with flying colors and the pediatrician as well as every baby nurse called her perfect (duh, we knew that!). We visit the pediatrician for the first time on Friday for another quick weight and bilirubin check. Lance and I, along with Gran Peeps and Uncle Luke love every second of loving on our sweet angel. I sleep when Emersyn naps during the day, then mom and I rotate at night. A little rotten? Possibly, but I just like to say she is very well loved :) Here are a few pictures of our sweet girl at home.
Mommy, Daddy, and baby Emersyn coming home

Gran and Uncle Luke with sweet girl

That little face melts my heart.

All buckled up and ready to leave the hospital!

Isn't this precious? Peeps with Max, Bo, and Emersyn

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