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Monday, November 28, 2011

Our first week

We have made it one whole week and everyone is still alive and well :) Little Emersyn is the sweetest baby in the world! We have had a very exciting week even besides adding a sweet girl to the family. 
A couple of days after Emersyn made her debut, I started having some discomfort in my upper jaw but didn't think too much of it. The next day it got a little worse, so I started feeling around to see if I could tell what was causing the, now, pain. It didn't take much to discover I had an extra tooth in my mouth! Yes, I guess during delivery I not only pushed a baby out but also a wisdom tooth. It kept getting worse until I was crying in pain by this past Friday. I was so discouraged, I couldn't do anything because my whole body hurt. My sweet parents (who have been lifesavers since we brought Emersyn home) called every dentist in the surrounding area to try and get me seen to get some relief. Unfortunately, most offices are closed on non-holiday Fridays, so they were definitely closed the day after Thanksgiving. Finally, we got a call from one dentist whose office was closed, but met us there to check out this painful tooth. Maybe it was my mom's pleading that I had just had a baby unmedicated and was crying in pain over this tooth? Whatever it was, I am forever grateful to this sweet lady. She checked and confirmed that there was a wisdom tooth in my mouth and she wrote a prescription for an antibiotic and pain medicine. Now, I hate antibiotics passionately. I got them both filled, but managed to not take any pain meds. I was highly encouraged to take the antibiotics because I could have an infection from where the tooth broke the surface and that could be the source of pain, so I started them Friday and stopped last night. It was awful- Emersyn had the worst tummy ache from them and she spent most of the day screaming yesterday. My mouth felt fine, so I decided I was done. I know, I know- this is taboo for the pharmacy world, but a happy baby is much more important! I have an appointment with an oral surgeon on Thursday and I hoping I will be back to my normal teeth count by the weekend! DRAMA!
I am hoping for week 2 to be a little less crazy! I am learning to perform most everyday functions with a baby attached. I am just so thankful I finally feel like performing everyday functions! Recovery was not fun at all. Emersyn is growing like such a big girl and still eating like a champ. We have learned that she loves the sound of water and bath time (as long as the water is running). Her playtime is at 4 am, which is funny because that is the time that I always woke up to go to the gym while I was pregnant. Her favorite thing to do during playtime is play with "Einstein"- her baby Einstein activity mat. She kicks and smiles, and loves when it is close to the Christmas tree so she can also look at Christmas lights- another one of her favorite things. 
At Emersyn's doctors appointment last Friday, she had gained 4 ounces since we left the hospital ( 2 days) and the doctor said she was perfect! Her umbilical cord had already fallen out when she was 4 days old which I cried over- my baby is growing up too fast. Sweet, perfect little girl :) 
Our sweet little turkey
This is how we spent most of the Iron Bowl. Most of the game, we both looked like this :)

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