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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Goodbye Auburn Home

Yesterday, 2 tornadoes touched down in Auburn. One off of Wire Road (where I lived for 6 years and my baby brother and his best friend live now). Around 12:30, my mom got a dreaded phone call from Luke who was in sheer panic telling her he was in the trailer and a tree had fallen through the living room- a tornado had hit. She tried to hold it together to calm Luke down, my dad (who has been waiting on Emersyn and working from here in Dothan) took off to Auburn to help Luke and Taylor in whatever ways he could, and I just wanted to puke. Later, we got the whole story and it still breaks my heart that my sweet brother had to deal with this but I am so thankful he and his roommate are ok. Luke was home and decided to take a nap, his bedroom is on one end of the trailer and Taylor's is on the other. He woke up to viscious winds and awful noises, when he looked out his window, he told mom, everything was being blown sideways. About that time, he heard what sounded like a bomb explosion, so he opened his bedroom door and met a tree that had come through the house. He was trapped and could not get out of his room. He has made really great friends with the boy who lives next door, this sweetheart came over and helped Luke bust out his bedroom window to escape. There is really no "true" entry or exit left on the trailer. Luke had his dog, but didn't know where Taylor was. The tree started outside of Taylor's bedroom and fell the entire length of the trailer, stopping at Luke's bedroom door. Thankfully, Taylor had decided to be a good student and go to class yesterday- his class was optional and he decided about 15 minutes prior, to go. He was in the basement of Haley Center while his bedroom was leveled. Thank God, Luke, Taylor, and sweet little puppy Levi are all fine- yes, the trailer is gone forever and some items are gone forever (Iron Bowl tickets were salvaged!) but that's not what matters. My parents purchased this mobile home before my freshman year at Auburn and I lived there for 6 long years. Moving out, I didn't shed the first tear, but yesterday all I wanted to do was cry- it is really gone. All the growing up, the memories, the good times and the bad, the visitors, and the love that was poured into that place at times is gone. These are some pictures Luke snapped of the damage
This is the living room, coming out of Luke's bedroom

Where the branches end is where Luke's room begins. 
Taylor's bedroom

Goodbye, Auburn trailer, and thanks for all the memories!

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