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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy, happy Thanksgiving! I have never had a Thanksgiving where I could not compile a list of items I am thankful for, and this year is no different. Our little family has been so blessed this year and we are so grateful. Here are a few things I am thankful for:
1. My precious husband who loves me and cares for me even on the really bad days. He helped coach me through all the discomfort and pain to get Emersyn here just like I had wanted. He desired for me to stay at home with her more than anything, and he works so hard to support us. His job has also been a blessing, he has a great schedule with fantastic benefits so he can care for me and Emersyn and also be at home with us every afternoon.
2. Miss Emersyn Ruth Haney- this little girl has taught me so many things in the 4 short days she has been on this side of my belly. I have learned to love someone unlike I ever thought was possible. I thank God every time I look at her for this sweet gift of life that He has blessed us with!
3. My parents- I would really be sleep deprived without these 2. They get on shifts at night and help me get Emersyn to sleep throughout the evening. And that is just the beginning. I can't imagine life without them. I pray I can be half the parent to Emersyn that they have been for me. 
4. My brother, Luke- When I was 4 years old, I would have never thought I would  be so thankful for a brother one day, but I am :) He is so funny and even in my worst or saddest mood, he can make me laugh :) Emersyn loves him to death already, and loves to look at him. She thinks Uncle Luke is one handsome uncle!
5. A sweet group of girls- I have a beautiful group of friends. I have a circle of girls I have been friends with since daycare/elementary school and we still love each other and stay in touch after all of these years. They listen when you need to vent, offer advice when it's needed, or just lend a shoulder to cry on. They are such a blessing!
6. Maximus and BoJackson- sweet boys. No one can make feel as special as puppies. I can run to the store and be out and back within 10 minutes and the greeting when I come through the door, you would think I had been gone for days and they barely made it without me :) Love these little furballs to pieces!
Here is our sweet little turkey on her first Thanksgiving :) Such a sweet girl!

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