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Monday, November 14, 2011

39 1/2 weeks

Maybe it's just me, but these last few weeks of being pregnant are not only miserable because of the wait but also because of the enormously large shape my belly has taken on. This little girl is STUBBORN. I have almost decided to completely change things up and sit on my butt and do nothing to get her here because being pro-active is not helping at all! Everything you can possibly do to make a baby come, I have proven does not work (except castor oil and why on Earth would you do such a thing, it just doesn't seem safe and I really don't want to induce labor by stimulating my intestines?!) Everyone suggests walking, I have been doing Attack and Insanity- nothing! There are no foods that induce labor, and full moons have no effect! Errr.... come on, baby girl!
I've been frustrated at times, but I know this little girl AND her heavenly father both know when her special birthday is, and that is when her sweet, little chubby cheeks will join us :) Still, I am really praying she comes before Thursday. Thursday is our next doctor's appointment and I have no idea what our sweet doctor will propose this week, but she is just as anxious to get this child born as I am. I know she will offer what is best for Emersyn and I, she knows how I want to deliver and is an amazing doctor. I am thankful to have a doctor I can put so much trust in. I know she will be shocked if we make it to the appointment without a baby. However, I honestly think miss Emersyn will still be in my belly!
Every day just creeps by now, and my sweet family-bless their souls- deal with my hostility and lack of patience every single day! My sweet mom and dad filled my cabinets with all the necessary baking supplies (I bake to get my mind off of things). Just this weekend we have had macaroni and cheese, pretzels, cookies, a birthday cake for Emersyn (which is just hanging out in the refrigerator), and biscuits all from scratch! I have prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner on some days with a dessert! It helps take my edge off, but has not helped encourage a little girl's arrival :) Everyone has learned not to say "she will come when she is ready" but "oh lacey, you've just got another day or two". Obviously, she will come when she is ready, but that is not a very encouraging phrase, neither is hearing people who went 100 days overdue- I am trying to be hopeful, maybe today is the day? I am adding daily to the list of things to never say to a pregnant woman (especially one who is nearing a due date!)
We have had every single sign of early labor that should lead to more progressive labor, but for some reason we are just on pause. The only thing that has not happened yet are REGULAR, INTENSE contractions and my water breaking. And, yes, there's a lot that goes on before that happens!  I am hoping and praying we just have days before we can see our sweet girl, and not weeks! Emersyn- mommy, daddy, Gran, and Peeps REALLY want to hold you, sweet girl :)

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